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HUNGER GAMES 3: The Hungriest Game Yet

Erin brainstorms names for the final installment of The Hunger Games series. (You're welcome, Suzanne.)

HUNGER GAMES 3: The Hungriest Game Yet

YOU GUYS! They've announced the release date for the third and final (sniff!) installment of The Hunger Games series!!!

Brace yourselves; start stocking up on non-perishable food items, tissue, booze and your Team Peeta tshirt, cause the third book is dropping AUGUST 24TH! That's, like, less than a year away! How am I ever going to get my bow-hunting skills up to par by then??

There's just one tiny little problem . . . what's it going to be called??

Well, Suzanne Collins, maybe you still don't have a title yet. Maybe you're still wondering if you can end the series with the words "his scar." I dunno, but we at FYA are here to help! And we'll do it for free! (Or early prints. You know, if you feel so inclined.)

How about: Roasted Snow! Or is that giving away too much of what I really hope happens in the third book?

Um, okay, let's see . . . ooh! Hunger Games 3: Seducing Peeta.

Too on the nose?

Maybe we should crib from movie series! Hunger Games With a Vengence. Hunger Games: Salvation. Hunger Games: Nation (this could be later adapted for the screen and directed by Joss Whedon, since he doesn't have anything better to do these days.)

Okay, I admit it, I've got nothing! My lack of imagination when it comes to writing titles is what keeps me out of a job at a publishing agency.

Hey, maybe I should ask this guy I went to high school with, who titled his term paper: "Sperm Whales and Seamen: Moby Dick."

Perhaps not.

So, it's over to you, FYA readers. Help us out, here. What should Book Three be titled?


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