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Saving Souls from Eternal Literary Damnation

An introduction to FYA's new YAngelism series, based on Posh's own personal crusade to convert people into YA readers.

Saving Souls from Eternal Literary Damnation

Y'all, I have an important question to ask you today: have you been saved from eternal literary damnation?

i realize this topic may make some of you uncomfortable, but I can't help myself!!! I am FULL OF THE SPIRIT (the spirit of AAYAL, that is), and it COMPELS ME to preach the message of literary salvation to everyone in this dark, Twilight-infested world. Now I KNOW some of you are feeling down right now. I KNOW some of you out there are struggling with the weight of your past mistakes, like reading Breaking Dawn or the entirety of the Gossip Girl series. Well I am here today to tell you that THERE IS HOPE, my friends. There is a LIGHT beckoning to you, my brothers and sisters, and that light is coming from the pure goodness of our savior, Actually Awesome Young Adult Literature (otherwise known as the High Holiness, AAYAL). CAN I GET AN AMEN?!!!

Ok, I'm gonna drop the preacher speak, cos it's making me feel weird. But seriously, you guys, I AM ON A MISSION. And that mission is to show everyone I know just how amazing YA can be. It's like my own personal Crusades, minus all of the hating and killing. Over the past two years, I've found myself loaning (ok, more like forcing) books to my friends in the hopes of opening their minds to the power of AAYAL (wow, I STILL sound like a televangelist. YOU CAN'T FIGHT THE SPIRIT, MY FRIENDS!). And, when they finally do accept my recommendation, they ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, see the light and convert into the YA faith.

Now, I know I'm not alone in my crusade. In fact, since all of the other FYAers feel the same way, we've decided to create a new series of entries (filed under "YAngelism") where we ask non-YA fans to read a book and then write about their experiences. It is my hope that we will save many, many souls through these posts and bring more readers into the fold.

I realize that makes us kinda sound like a cult, which then led me to fantasize about the FYA version of a commune, which would probably be a super huge loft space in NYC (picture "big") with a massive library and instead of wearing frumpy dresses we would be, like, the Claudia Kishis of now. And then everyone would have tasks to do, like piles of books to read and review, and each night we would gather together to worship AAYAL and take communion, which would consist of mac & cheese, french fries and cupcakes. Don't even get me started on what our church camp would be like...

Anyway! I thought I would kick off this new series by finding out which YA book y'all tend to recommend the most. Every evangelist knows that you can't convert people without compelling evidence, something that really knocks their socks off (note to the folks on Sixth Street with the big hellfire signs: NOT COMPELLING). And so I always tend to go with the YA version of the book of revelations, Hunger Games!

Here's a photo of one of my recent converts, Sally, who journeyed to Argentina and discovered that the AAYAL bible has been translated into Spanish!! CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH?!!

My other go-to books (read: tracts) include: Sweethearts (Sara Zarr), The Truth About Forever (Sarah Dessen) and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (E. Lockhart).

Alright, y'all, now it's yr turn. What books do YOU use to save souls from eternal literary damnation? PRAISE AAYAL!

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