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Get Your Drink On With Literary Characters!

The first installment of the "Cheers!" series, which pairs delicious cocktails with favorite YA characters and books!

Get Your Drink On With Literary Characters!

In the spirit of all we believe in here at FYA, tonight I get to start a new category where we choose signature drinks for our favorite YA characters! Of course, being the first to post, I get the honors of choosing the drink for everybody's favorite badass, Katniss!!!

And I'll be writing it as I sample, so... get out your cocktail shakers and your favorite book, and prepare to get properly sloshed, FYA style!

Okay, so I know y'all want to know one thing: what does Katniss drink? But hold your horses, we'll get to her in a little bit. First off, I wondered what the kids from the Blue Bloods series would drink?

Easy peasy. Something BLUE, yeah? Since once they start going through the transformation into vampires, it's hard for them to get drunk, these kids love their cocktails, and since I can't remember what the author had them drinking, I did some research on my own, and found this very fitting lovely, courtesy of


I know, could the name be any more perfect? Plus, the cherry represents the blood!


1 1/2 oz silver tequila

1/2 oz blue curacao pineapple juice

maraschino cherry for garnish


Pour the tequila into the glass of your choice.

Fill the glass with ice cubes.

Add the pineapple juice. Stir well.

Top with blue curaao and stir lightly again.

Garnish with a cherry, and enjoy!

So then I got to thinking about our favorite series ever, The Hunger Games, and all of the many characters that could provide drink recipes, but by this time, I'll be honest, I'm feeling a little tipsy, so only the obvious ones came to mind:

Haymitch would drink Ripple. All the time.

Gale orders Wild Turkey, neat (for obvious reasons, or you know, to me right now, because of the hunting thing, wink, wink.)

Peeta, anyone? I can't quite pick one.

And now, for the piece de resistance:

The Katniss

So, let me just say, YUM. This is one fiiiiiine drink. It's called the Charmides cocktail, and was created by Marcos Tello from The Doheney in Los Angeles. This drink was inspired by Oscar Wilde, and his love of absinthe. Of course, thanks to Wikipedia and Ancient Greek studies (take your pick) we all know that the Charmides is a dialogue of Plato, where Socrates and a handsome and popular boy discuss the meaning of sophrosyne, which, translated into English means "temperance", "self-control" or "restraint". Of course in typical Platonic fashion, a satisfactory definition is never reached, but many important points are nonetheless thrust to the surface.

Where was I? Right, clearly NOT as hardcore as Katniss is, 'cause I'm pretty fuzzy right now. Erin and I figured Katniss needed a signature drink that was SERIOUS. We knew it must include Gin, Absinthe and Bitters. So I Googled the shizz out of those three things until I found this. Ummm, losing train of thought....right, Ingredients! You need ingredients!


1 part Pernod Absinthe

Seedless green grapes

1 dash bitters

1 1/2 part Gin

3/4 part ginger syrup

1/2 part fresh lime juice soda water


Muddle grapes, Absinthe and bitters.

Add gin, ginger syrup and lime juice.

Shake and strain into an ice-filled collins glass, top with soda water.

Garnish with grapes.

That first sip was hesitant, but boy, does this drink go down smooth! I've never had absinthe before, and until today, didn't even know it was legal! Well, it is legal here in Massachusetts, so, yay! I'm not seeing the green faerie, but wow! Yummy and strong! Since Katniss is such a super freak badass, once she's of age, I totes see her rocking this beverage. And folks, you should make it. I'm not much of a cocktail girl, usually. I stick to gin and whiskey, (can I just tell you that I have never used auto spell correct so much in my life?) um, but this drink IS SO FREAKIN' GOOD!!!!!!! Drink one in Katniss' honor!


Jenny Bird's photo About the Author: Jenny grew up on a steady diet of Piers Anthony, Isaac Asimov and Star Wars novels. She has now expanded her tastes to include television, movies, and YA fiction.