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The Mellarky

FYA presents the recipe for the Peeta-inspired Hunger Games cocktail, the Mellarky.

The Mellarky

So, we've already held intense discussions over the controversial issue of What Peeta Drinks, and beer seemed to garner the most approval, what with its manliness and connection to the baking industry (YEAST Y'ALL). And while I would love to see a brewery name one of their beers after my main HG squeeze, FYA can't just wait around for that to happen! We need to get our Peeta drink on NOW, esp. cos he's rotting away in some prison, probably being tortured by President "Bloody Breath" Snow, and MY NERVES CANNOT HOLD OUT UNTIL AUGUST, OK YOU GUYS? WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO MESS AROUND WITH FANCY COCKTAILS WHEN PEETA'S LIFE IS ON THE LINE.

Given this sense of urgency, I came up with a cocktail that's quick, easy and most definitely captures the awesomeness of Mr. Mellark.

First, you need to grab a bottle of bourbon. Bourbon is, like, the southern gentleman of whiskey, and Peeta is most definitely a gentleman.

Next, get thee to a liquor store that carries Bärenjäger, a honey liqueur straight outta of Germany. Not only is it fun to say, it's also extremely tasty (and really, not that hard to find). Like Peeta, Bärenjäger is v. sweet (AWWW!), plus honey is a popular baking ingredient. And did I mention that the label features some great artwork? Because it does. OH LOOK HOW I TIED THAT SHIZZ TOGETHER!

Next, get a glass, preferably a manly, highball-style one (for demonstration purposes, I had to go with one of my tiny Sarah-hand-sized glasses, cos that's all that I keep in my apartment. Sorry!).


1/2 bourbon*

1/2 Bärenjäger*


If you want yr drink to be more like Peeta at the beginning of HG, aka total sweetheart, add more Bärenjäger.

If you want it to be like Peeta by the end of CF, aka BADASS, add more bourbon.

*actual amount is directly proportional to the intensity of the Hunger Games. And also, you know, yr level of lushness.

I guarantee, the Mellarky will make you want to START A REVOLUTION, SON. Or, at the v. least, indulge in a bit of malarky (HAR HAR).

And you better believe the Official FYA Mockingjay Release Party will feature both the Katniss and the Mellarky, aka shizz is gonna be OTC!!!! By the end of the night, I guarantee we'll all be pulling a Haymitch.

So cheers to you, Peeta! Rest assured I will be drinking many Mellarkies between now and August to, you know, keep up the good fight! And by that I mean, bourbon makes me a more patient person.

(And yes, I am drinking in my jim jams and robe. Because I am extra classy)

Posh Deluxe's photo About the Author: Sarah lives in Austin, TX, where she programs films at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires).