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Peeta vs. Gale Arm Wrestling: The Ultimate Way To Celebrate a Birthday!

A recap of Posh's awesome 31st birthday weekend, which featured a Peeta vs. Gale arm-wrestling competition!

Peeta vs. Gale Arm Wrestling: The Ultimate Way To Celebrate a Birthday!

As you may have heard, Friday was pretty much the most important holiday of the year (ok, well, tied with Mockingjay Release Day). That's right, y'all, it was my birthday!!! And you know what that means! I'm now older and way more mature. PSYCHE! It means lots of cocktails and tasty business! And 2010 bonus: Jenny came down from Boston! OMG FYA REUNION! Cue the squealing and incessant Hunger Games references!

No seriously. we talked about Hunger Games a LOT. Esp. after a few beverages. And there was definitely some FYA strategery going on, so be on the look out for some new developments round these parts!

But anyway, back to what's important: my birthday! There was lots of eating!

I don't know if you guys are aware, but I am v. good at this.

And true to form, a lot of consuming of delicious beverages!

BTW, that's George, Jenny's husband. He reads YA because he is awesome. And also because Jenny maybe forces him to.

And then there was MORE drinking. ON A BOAT!!!!

I know, right? I have this whole thing about pretending to be rich. If you've never tried it, you should. I mean, look how much fun we're having BEING RICH!!!

And you know it wouldn't be a good weekend without some EXTREME KARAOKE. Here's me and Henri singing our acclaimed duet to 'N Sync's "Gone," complete with the patented Henri emotional Justin Timberlake breakdown.

During one of the most crowd-pleasing moments of the evening, all of the girls sang "Under the Sea." Apparently Jenny was channeling Katniss cos LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. TOTES FIERCE!!!!!!!!

That is not a tribute you want to mess with. She's practically a career.

The most FYA-centric event of the weekend occurred late Saturday night, when Henri challenged Jenny to an arm wrestling competition. But this was no ordinary arm wrestling competition, oh no son! As soon as it began, we realized that Henri and Jenny weren't just fighting to prove who has superior guns. They were fighting for the v. honor of Peeta and Gale!!!! At least, that's what Henri decided right after it started...

Pretty anticlimactic, right? It seems the arm wrestling competition resulted in the same conclusion as our FYA debate: THERE IS NO WINNER EXCEPT FOR KATNISS. Because she's the only one that gets to be with either Peeta or Gale. And because she would kick the shizz out of anyone in an arm wrestling match.

My favorite part of that whole video is at the :30 mark (counting down, not up) when Jenny says, "But I'm Team Gale!"

All in all, it was an absolutely fabulous birthday weekend, and I felt so lucky to live in Austin and be surrounded by deliciousness and have such great friends, esp. ones like Jenny, who never gets tired of my YA references (and who bought me a pink "Mrs. Peeta Mellark" t-shirt WHAT WHAT!!!!).

Posh Deluxe's photo About the Author: Sarah lives in Austin, TX, where she programs films at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires).