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Guilty Pleasures; Well-Worn Treasures

FYA wants to know what books YOU read when you were a YA!

Guilty Pleasures; Well-Worn Treasures

Hey Hey, FYA! How many kids you gonna kill today?

Oh, wait, sorry, that was the Vietnam War. Damn them for making such a catchy protest chant!

Anyway. Hey, FYA! Today we'd like to talk to you about the books you read when you were ACTUALLY a YA. (Or a precocious 8 year old. Whichevs.)

You know the books I'm talking about. Either the ones assigned to you in school (holla at me, Mrs Smith! And thanks for assigning me Giovanni's Room and changing my life.), or the ones you snuck in at home, reading in the wee hours (equally enthusiastic thanks for scaring the pants off me, Amityville Horror!).

Why do we want to know, you ask?

Gosh, you're nosy!

No, we're asking for several reasons. One, to satisfy our insatiable curiosity into the lives and loves of our awesome commenters. Two, to develop a shared interest or hatred in the books we all read as teens (i.e. "OMG you hate Wuthering Heights too?? I thought I was the only one!"), and Three, because we plan to read and review some of those old classic - or crappy dime novels - in our Required Reading or Slambook series, respectively.

They don't have to be awesome. They don't have to be terrible. They just have to be the books that formed the fabric of your teenage lives. Like literary cotton. So don't try to get all fancy, and tell us about how reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius as a young 13-year-old changed your life, because A) that would make you way too young to be a young adult, and B) Dave Eggers could use a punch in the face. Be honest!

For instance, I'll start. When I was a kid, I read every VC Andrews book I could come across. It was the closest thing I could find to porn that didn't, you know, feature naked people. (ew!) And yes, in case you're wondering, I did recently reread Flowers in the Attic, and yes, you will all get to benefit from my sacrifice via a written blow-by-blow of the incestual highs and the hair-tarring lows. (The things I do for you, FYA! Do you know how unlikely it is to get hit on when you're sitting in the park and perusing a dog-eared copy of Sweet Valley High 23: Say Goodbye? Do you??)

Conversely, I also read good "adult" books, like Lolita and Gone with the Wind and anything James Baldwin wrote, ever. So those just might be going on the Required Reading list, as well.

Anyway, if you've got 'em, post 'em in the replies!

(P.S. If at anytime you want to suggest any book for us to review- or any idea at all - head on over to our Suggestion Box send us an email!  Suggestions of "I think you girls seem thirsty; how about meeting for Happy Hour" are ALWAYS appreciated.)

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