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FYABC: Before I Fall, Ch 1-2 (Drama In Real Life)

It's the FYA book club meeting on the drama in real life in Before I Fall (Ch 1-2) by Lauren Oliver!

FYABC: Before I Fall, Ch 1-2 (Drama In Real Life)

Seriously, someone better step up and bring froyo to our next meeting. In the meantime, if anyone has some sweet vermouth, I can whip up the official Groundhog Day Cocktail. Also, who actually likes sweet vermouth?

Speaking of important questions, let's move on from the semantics so we can get all English teachery and talk about how Before I Fall relates to our v. own lives! Or at least, our past YA lives.

•  Does the social stratification in this book seem authentic to you? Why or why not?

•  What clique did you belong to in HS?

•  Seriously, if you were popular, DO NOT BE SHAMED BY THIS BOOK (except if you called people "psycho" and made stabbing sounds. Then, yeah, you should feel terrible about yrself). We really want to hear from those of you who, like Sam, were in the popular crowd. Was this what it was like?!! More specifically, did you go to lots of high school parties and were they anything like the scene in the book? Can you tell I was a huge nerd and never invited to said parties? I need details, people!!!



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