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FYABC: Before I Fall, Ch 1-2 (Semantics)

It's the FYA Book Club meeting on the semantics of Before I Fall (Ch 1-2) by Lauren Oliver!

FYABC: Before I Fall, Ch 1-2 (Semantics)

Alright, alright simmer down now! Let's move past the Mean Girl snarkfest and into our second round of convo, not because I have a conscience but because if I laugh any more, I might snort vodka up my nose (which hurts. A lot. Trust me). It's time to get down and dirty with the details!

•  What was yr top OMG/WTF moment in this section?

•  Rate the talky talk!

•  What were the bonus factors for you?

Before we launch into this section of the discussion, anyone wanna go for a froyo run? Also ARE THERE ANY FRENCH FRIES AVAILABLE?


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