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FYABC: Before I Fall Ch 5-6 (Semantics)

It's the FYA book club meeting on the semantics of Before I Fall (Ch 5-6) by Lauren Oliver!

FYABC: Before I Fall Ch 5-6 (Semantics)

Okay! Moving past our valograms in our discussion of the characters, it's time to discuss the book in general! Remember, everything up to and including Chapters 5 and 6 are fair game. We don't want to spoil the ending for people who haven't cheated finished the book yet. So don't let on about the big musical number at the end!

•  What was the top OMG moment of this section of the book?

•  At what point was your swoon at its highest rating?: A) When Kent kissed Sam ever so gently; B) When full on SMOOCHAGE occurred; or C) No part. I am a robot incapable of feeling.

•  What were the bonus factors for you?

•  Sam spends a lot of time trying to fix all of her mistakes or right perceived wrongs. Which ones are important? Should she try to fix everything or just focus on one or two people/problems?

Grab some of The Country's Best Yogurt (make sure to walk .22 miles to work it off) and discuss!


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