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Our Highly Official Totes Legit BBAW Entry

A list of FYA's top five posts for Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

Our Highly Official Totes Legit BBAW Entry

In order to register for awards consideration for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, we had to publish a list of five posts that best represent our site. After receiving insanely nice feedback (seriously, I want to kiss all of yr faces! and I'm a total germphobe so that's saying a lot), we got together in a little online huddle and came up with the following list. Honestly, we had a tough time limiting ourselves to only five entries, but then we had a few drinks and realized that our lives are actually incredibly easy, esp. compared to say, Katniss, and seriously, WHEN are they gonna start filming that movie and OMG MOCKINGJAY IS COMING OUT SOON WE NEED TO PLAN A PARTY IMMEDIATELY AND ARCHERY MUST BE INVOLVED.

Ah... as you can see, we are a v. focused group of professional bloggers. Who really want to be appreciated. So here's the list!

The Sweet Valley High Drinking Game

Find Your Hunger Games Name!

How to Judge a YA Book By Its Cover

Book Report: The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

Book Report: Will Grayson, Will Grayson

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