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Sexy Is For Everybody, And So Is YA!

Yay! FYA did a guest post for Sexy Is For Everybody on our favorite racy YA books (and there's a drinking game, natch).

Sexy Is For Everybody, And So Is YA!

GUESS WHAT Y'ALL! We were invited by the hotties over at Sexy Is For Everybody to write a guest post on our favorite panty melting YA books, so of course we handled it in the only way we know how: we created a drinking game!

So head on over here to play "Sex YA Up!" (I know, we're SO CLEVER) while checking out which books made our hot list. Warning: you gotta be 18 to enter the site, although our post itself is v. SFW. I can't necessarily say the same thing about some of these books, though. Nor can I recommend playing the game at work, unless yr professional happens to involve slurred words and double vision.

And after you enjoy the hotness, make sure you return the favor and leave SIFE some comment love!

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