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The Boys Are Back In Town (August FYABC)

Meghan announces the FYA Book Club selection for August! 

The Boys Are Back In Town (August FYABC)

ATTENTION STUDENTS (er, FYAers): Please report to the Caf on August 11 for the next meeting of the FYA book club and cocktails.

That's right -- the book club is moving! It's been so successful that it's outgrown its little place here and needs the full cafetorium (complete with stage) to fit everyone in. We'll still have the different discussions going on at the tables, so grab yr tray, get a little umbrella for yr drink, and take a seat.

And the book is ...

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan. Did you fall in love with Tiny Cooper? You REALLY need to meet Infinite Darlene, the homecoming queen and star quarterback, as well as all the other kids at Paul's high school where the Gay-Straight Alliance holds dance lessons for the straight kids. Paul meets Noah, Paul gets Noah, Paul loses Noah. Will he be able to win Noah back (with the help of a cast of crazy kids I wish went to my high school)?

Seriously, you guys will love this book and its take on GLBTQs-whatever-we're-all-just-normal-teens.

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