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The Vampire Diaries 2x3: Bad Moon Rising

A recap of The Vampire Diaries, episode 2x3, "Bad Moon Rising".

The Vampire Diaries 2x3: Bad Moon Rising

It's Friday, y'all, and you know what that means! Well, yes, it does mean more cocktails tonight since we can sleep in tomorrow, but that's not what I was talking about. It's The Vampire Diaries (TVD from now on) recap time!

Wow, am I the only one who felt last night's episode was PACKED FULL OF GOODNESS????

If anyone needs a refresher on the Drinking Game rules, go here. Nothing but spoilers after here.

Alaric!!!!! Welcome back, handsome! Take your shirt off and make yourself at home. So, Alaric's at the Salvatore's and is discussing with Elena and the Salvatore brothers mommy-vampire-Isobel's reasearch on Mystic Falls and just what is going on with Tyler and Uncle Benicio. Aaaaannnnddd there it is. Werewolves, people. Werewolves.

Coffee? Brandy? Slippers?

Meanwhile Tyler follows Uncle (McSteamy- for you N) Benicio on his jog, and wow! Creepy dungeon on the dead mayor's property! Chains! Claw marks in the stone!

Holy crap? What could have made those marks, Tyler? Werewolf? Maybe?

Damon makes some awesome old-movie references, and cut to Caroline's house, where Matt is trying to visit her, but she can't let him in, because there's sunlight in the way. Poor sad Caroline, just sit on the floor. You look very pretty, btw.

And NOW, Elena and Damon ROADTRIP!!!! They're going to Duke to delve into mommy dearest's research. And Alaric is coming, too! YAY!!! Oh, there's Aunt Jenna. Hi Aunt Jenna, long time no see. Elena makes a big point out of kissing Stefan goodbye, in front of Damon. (Too big a point, if you ask me).

While Elena is away, Stefan hangs out with Bonnie. He wants her to make Caroline a day-walking ring, but Bonnie and her prejudice aren't so sure. But, in the end, she guesses she'll do it, but with strings attached. Wow, Bonnie, you and your prejudice are such bigots. Change your ways, girl, before I get my hate on. The ring works, and yay, Caroline! You can answer the door now!

Cut to Elena, Stefan and Alaric arriving at Duke! And hey! The skanky reporter from Dexter Season 4 is helping them! But no! OMG! She's got a crossbow, and just shot it at Elena! Double OMG! Damon threw himself in the way! No, Damon! Please don't let it have pierced your poor wounded heart! Quick, while Alaric has his forearm pressed to the skanky reporter's throat, take off Damon's shirt so you can doctor him up!

This was BEFORE skanky reporter from Dexter Season 4 pulled out her crossbow.

Elena pulls the arrow out of Damon's back, and -- meaningful eye contact -- Drink! while she's convincing him not to kill skanky reporter. Oh! Skanky reporter thought Elena was Katherine! Silly skanky reporter, Katherine wears jaunty belts!

Now Stefan is trying to teach Caroline how to hunt bunnies, but she really wants to go swimming with all the cool kids.

Back at Duke, Elena gives skanky reporter vervain, and Damon quips some more. Then there's some almost flirtatious eye contact between them, so I say go ahead and Drink!

At the swimming hole, Uncle Benicio tells Tyler to make sure everybody leaves before sunset, when he'll turn into a werewolf because 'the family will be liable if anything happens on their property'.

"Get off my land!"

Caroline and Stefan have some serious chemistry, but then Caroline gets mad at a girl who's hitting on Matt and compels her to go stalk someone single.

Meanwhile, skanky reporter tells Elena, et all, that werewolves were CREATED to hunt vampires!!! Skanky reporter knows so much! I guess that's why she's a grad student at Duke.

Damon and Elena get the bad news about werewolves: their bite can kill a vampire! Oh no! New Folklore!

Uh-oh, it's dark, and the kids are still at the swimming hole. Caroline goes to apologize to Matt, and they kiss, while Elena calls Stefan to tell him the legend. Don't get bit, Stefan! Or Caroline! Please don't get bit, Caroline! Oh no, Caroline snuck off with Matt into the woods!

Whoahwhoahwhoah! Uncle Benicio is frantically chaining himself up in the dungeon! Shirtless! Drink! Aw, Uncle Benicio, you're a sweet werewolf! No, no, no, stupid Tyler, you're bringing a girl down into the dungeon where Uncle Benicio is chained up! Except wait! Uncle Benicio isn't chained up! He's running through the woods! But then he chains himself to a tree! Then he screams and thrashes as the moon hits him! Aw, poor Uncle Benicio, I would comfort you, you know, if you stayed in human form. But then he breaks the chains, and throws himself into his jeep-thing! The jeep-thing starts a-rockin', and: Wolf-growl!

HOLY CRAP the man is hot, all wrapped up in chains...

Back at Duke, Elena stumbles across a picture of Katherine, and tries to figure out why, exactly, she looks just like her. Skanky reporter doesn't have so much information, but Damon insinuates with an eyebrow that he might. Elena tells him that friends don't manipulate each other.

Then Tyler and the girl who hit on Matt are in the woods, and she tells him to stop mauling her, and that she likes Matt, anyway. Then Stefan is outside the jeep-thing, creeping slowly, slowly toward it, closer... closer... and: Wolf eyes! Then wolf body! Jumping through the window, and tearing through the woods.

Stefan thinks he hears something...

At Duke, Alaric is flirting with skanky reporter, and Damon is flirting with Elena. He gives Elena a book titled Petrova, which is Katherine's real last name. Then lots of meaningful eye contact, and charming Damon Drink! but Elena won't promise they can be friends.

Now Matt and Caroline are totally gonna do it in the woods, but Matt cuts his wrist, and Caroline eats him! Stefan stops her before it goes too far, but now Uncle Benicio wolf is stalking them! They are running, trying to lead the werewolf away from Matt! They come across Tyler, and the Uncle werewolf pounces on Caroline! But Tyler asserts his inner pack leader and shouts 'NO!', and uncle wolf-face runs off. Whew! That was a close call! Don't you dare kill Caroline, CW! Oh, and thanks, Tyler! I like you a little more now.

"Whoah-whoah-whoah-whoah. I have the power to stop a wolf? Dude!"

Caroline compels Matt so he won't remember she ate him a little. Caroline, just give him some vervain! Oh! Yeah! I'm glad you took my advice!

Tyler approaches Uncle Benicio's jeep, and sees the window broken. Then Uncle Benicio is standing behind him! Naked! Drink! And covered in mud! Double drink! Tyler figures out Uncle Benicio was the wolf. We can tell this because he says "It was you."

"No, really, I just left the spa..."

Caroline acts all jealous of Matt talking to the girl who hit on him on purpose so he'll break up with her. Aw, Caroline, I love you! You're sacrificing your relationship to protect Matt! Let's have a sad.

Back home, Alaric kisses aunt Jenna! ThenElena makes Damon confess that he didn't know the COTEP was wearing the ring of invincibility when he snapped his neck. Then she tells him that he HAS lost her friendship, forever. Meaningful eye contact Drink! That's right, Elena, don't be manipulative. Let's have a sad for Damon now.

This is right before Elena rips out Damon's heart. Again. But he brought it on himself, being all crazy and killing the COTEP...

Caroline's bedroom. She turns around, and Katherine's in her room! Caroline shrinks back, but Katherine tells her not to worry! They are going to have so much fun together! OMG! Bad girls on the loose!

Oh man! What do you guys think? Is Caroline going to go evil with Katherine? Will Uncle Benicio work WITH the vampires, or against them? And whatever else we can discuss (like Uncle Benicio's hotness and Alaric's return!) until next week's episode, where we'll have more flashbacks! Drink!

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