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The Vampire Diaries 2x7: Masquerade

A recap of The Vampire Diaries, episode 2x7, "Masquerade", with updates to the drinking game!

The Vampire Diaries 2x7: Masquerade

It's almost Halloween, y'all! Time for costumes and eye candy! How perfectly thoughtful of The Vampire Diaries to have a masquerade ball to celebrate with us! And after all the shizz that went down in last week's episode, I'm sure we could all use some fun and frivolity! I know! Katherine and Elena should go as each other for Halloween...

For those of you joining us late in the game, I'm going to list an updated version of The Official FYA TVD Drinking Game:

Take One Drink:

•  Whenever any character is shirtless

•  For Flashbacks!

•  If you are ever tricked by Katherine

•  Whenever Elena and Damon make meaningful eye contact

•  Whenever there's any mention of the words 'moon' or 'stone'

•  Whenever Damon is AWESOME

•  Whenever someone has a sad

Thanks to our awesome readers, this list is longer than it originally was, giving us more opportunities to enjoy our adult beverages! Or candy!

So at this point, the sound on my television goes out (thanks, AT&T Uverse!) so I'm going to guess at what's going on.

Hmmm, Stefan, Damon and Caroline are talking at the Salvatore's. There's what looks to be a heated discussion going on, along with very important hand guestures. However, one thing is certain: Damon just said something awesome. Drink!

Now Elena, the COTEP (Cousin Of The Eternal Pout), and Alaric are bringing Aunt Jenna home from the hospital. Oh, and Matt's there! (Lest we forget that Katherine plans on having him pick a fight with Tyler and get killed). Elena and the COTEP have a heated discussion in the kitchen. It seems.

Then Katherine and some nice older lady enter her room. Oh! And the sound comes back on! Thanks, AT&T Uverse! A lady is waiting in Katherine's room, and they semi-attack each other, but oh, they're old friends! And Katherine asks her old friend to be her date to the masquerade ball! Oh man, if Elena shows up, hi-jinks and hilarity will ensue!

Alaric, you are one bad-ass vampire hunter! Did anyone SEE that under-the-sleeve quick-loader staker-thing? That was a better gizmo than Angel had!

Bonnie shows up at the Salvatore's, where Alaric, Caroline and the COTEP are helping them form a plan to kill Katherine at the masquerade ball. Then Katherine is flat-ironing her hair! Oh no! The one thing that was distinguishing her from Elena! She wants her old friend, who, btw is a witch, to help her get the moonstone Drink! from Stefan and Damon. Bonnie agrees to help kill Katherine. Aw, Bonnie, I knew you were still in there, hiding behind the bitch you've been acting like!

At the masquerade ball, Tyler and his mom have a nice talk about how they miss the dead mayor, even though he was a dick who used to beat Tyler. Katherine and her witch-friend arrive at the ball, and Katherine reminds Matt about his duties for the evening, and tells him he looks HOT, and is AWESOME! (Can we drink for that? Add it to the list!) Drink! (at this point George (my husband) duly noted that Katherine looked v. v. HOT herself.)

Katherine and witch friend arrive at the ball. They are obviously checking some dude out.

Damon and Stefan discuss whether they go though with killing Katherine, and Damon insists he won't hesitiate, and then the COTEP and Bonnie find an upstairs bedroom for Bonnie to set up a binding spell to trap Katherine. Hey, is it just me, or is the COTEP suddenly handsome? Maybe it's the swept-back hair? The suit? And he's smiling? And kind of flirting with Bonnie? If he keeps this up, I might have to start calling him the former COTEP.

Back at Elena's, she just realizes that the COTEP went to the party, and Alaric is guarding her, making sure SHE doesn't go to the party. We find out that Alaric is a bad liar.

At the ball, Bonnie senses the presence of the other witch, but doesn't know what to do about it. Stefan is walking around the tent outside until Katherine comes up to him and asks him to dance by threatening to kill people at the ball. While they dance, Katherine quips awesomely. Drink! She tells Stefan to go get the moonstone Drink! for her, or she'll start killing people at the party. Then that girl who flirted with Matt that time and then partied at the dead mayor's house with that other girl who liked the COTEP walks up, and OMG! Katherine paralyzes her, and then kills her, before walking away! Whoah! I should feel bad, but, that was kind of awesome! Drink! (I'm glad I added that new rule! I think.)

Is it just me, or does Stefan look like a hot henchman here?

Elena sneaks out of her house because she knows everybody's up to something. Meanwhile, Stefan is thinking they should abort the plan, since Katherine killed that girl, but Damon convinces him that they have to keep going. Then, wait, is it? Yep. (I guess it's official) the FORMER COTEP is flirting with Bonnie some more. (I suppose we could just start calling him Jeremy. Maybe we'll take a vote? And also see if this change in him is permanent. I hope so, because this new COTEP? Kind of HOT!) Then Damon texts that 'it's time'.

The former COTEP getting his flirt on. Aw you guys, everybody needs somebody, sometime.

Katherine and her witch-friend have a little argument about ANOTHER witch being at the party, and the former COTEP walks up, and pretends to think Katherine is Elena! Don't get eaten, former COTEP!OOOOOHH, he comes out cool all over and tells Katherine that Damon and Stefan are waiting for her by the lake. Then he walks around a bush and Elena grabs him!

Caroline sees Matt at the party, but he just keeps going. Then she gets a text from the former COTEP that it's her turn. She walks out of the room, and Katherine attacks her! Oh NO! Don't hurt Caroline! Then Caroline confesses that Damon and Stefan are trying to kill her! (Her, Katherine, not her, Caroline.) Be strong, Caroline! Don't betray your friends! Then we see that Bonnie is outside with Elena and the former COTEP! Is Caroline fooling Katherine? OMG! She IS!!!! CAROLINE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! YOU JUST KEEP ON ROCKING HARDER AND HARDER!

Now Katherine is trapped in the room, between Damon and Stefan, and Damon shoots a stake into Katherine's back! And WHAT?!!!!! A spot of blood appears on ELENA'S BACK!!!! Commercial break? Commercial break? THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR A COMMERCIAL BREAK!!!!! What does this mean? Is Elena somehow truly physically connected to Katherine??!!!!!!

Back from the break, Damon and Stefan keep fighting Katherine, and stab her some more, and each time, the wound effects Elena, too! Bonnie sends the former COTEP to stop them before it's too late, and in the meantime, we are treated to some awesome fight choreography by Katherine, Damon and Stefan! (Way to go, you guys!) Katherine turns a stake back on Damon, but Stefan grabs her from behind, then right before Damon delivers the killing stake, the former COTEP busts in and tells them they're killing Elena! Then Katherine explains what's happening by quipping about having her own witch.

Katherine recovers from wounds a lot more quickly than Elena. Meanwhile, Damon has totally redeemed himself from last week, don't you think?

Katherine continues to be freaking AWESOME with her quips, while Bonnie tries to take some of Elena's pain away. The former COTEP explains things to Bonnie, so Bonnie goes off to find the other witch. Aw, then he tries to give poor wounded Elena his ring of invincibility, but she won't take it. Hey CW! This new Jeremy kicks ass! Katherine taunts Damon, and Damon says something AWESOME! Drink! Then Katherine taunts him some more. STOP HURTING DAMON, BITCH! Thankfully, Stefan is very focused on trying to figure out Katherine's evil scheme, and keeps bringing the conversation back around.

In the dead mayor's office, Tyler and Matt and that other girl who was friends with the one who just got killed are still drinking. Then Matt starts picking a fight with Tyler, by disrespecting the dead dickhead mayor. Tyler tries not to fight Matt, but Caroline comes to the rescue, and knocks Matt out with an elbow to his face to break the compulsion! Caroline, will you marry me, or something?!! Oh, no, then that other girl picks up a knife! She's under compulsion, too! She stabs Tyler! And Tyler pushes her away! And smack! She hits her head on the dead mayor's desk and snaps her neck or something! And now Tyler is a werewolf.

Upstairs, Stefan is putting together the pieces of why Katherine needs the moonstone, Drink! although I'm still in the dark. Hmmm, the moonstone isn't Katherine's? Stefan thinks she may be running from someone else? But Katherine ignores his questions and talks about how she loves him and followed him all these years, even to a Bon Jovi concert. Damon has to turn away. (George says it's because he's embarrassed for Stefan, that he went to a Bon Jovi concert.)

Another example of HOW AWESOME Katherine was being, even though it's technically from earlier. Katherine, you minx.

Bonnie finds the other witch and they exchange pleasantries. Then they lock arms, and Katherine's witch-friend tells Bonnie to give her the moonstone. Drink! Katherine tells Damon to pour her a drink. He's awesome. Drink! George notes that Katherine is a tour de force of crazy. And hotness. Damon almost kills her, and does more crazy-awesome stuff. Drink! Then Katherine's witch friend comes in, and she has the moonstone! And she gives Katherine the moonstone! And the moonstone causes to Katherine to convulse uncontrollably! Man, this episode is so full of WTFery!

Caroline explains to the dead mayor's wife that the dead girl in his office was drunk and fell and died. Then Tyler and Caroline have a moment, and Tyler doesn't think Caroline knows what he's going through. Oh, but she does, Tyler. She does. Bonnie and Katherine's witch not-friend go outside, and find out they are witch cousins! (Well, that's cool. I was hoping the CW wasn't just making all the girls of color witches. They're family, so I guess that explains it....) Anyway, witch cousin explains to Bonnie that she NEEDS to be in the middle of things (that's right, lady!) and then leaves. Then Jeremy offers Bonnie a flirtatious ride home, and tells her he's not a kid anymore. (George says 'and by kid, I mean emo douche'. George has a lot to say during this episode. Maybe it's all the extra drinking).

Stefan goes to Elena, who is standing, mending by the lake, but she tells him she can't just be with him again, even though Katherine is caught. She leaves, and Stefan has a sad. Drink! Then we see Katherine waking up, and, oh no they didn't! She's in the original vault! Where she was supposed to have been all this time! And Damon is shutting her in! She tries to get him to stop, saying that Elena is in danger, because she knows that's the only thing Damon will listen to, but he knows she's lying. Then he shuts her in! And then Damon has a sad! Drink! He still loves her! Aw, poor Damon!

Then Elena is getting into her car when a tall man in a crazy mask comes up and steals her!!! Oh, shit!!!

So what do you think? Who's got Elena? George said he recognized the guy's mask as the doorman at the beginning? Anyone else see that? If that's true, remember what the dead mayor's wife said in the beginning? Could this all be the mayor's plan somehow? Is there someone bigger and badder than Katherine out there? What WAS Katherine running from? Holy Crap! CW, this show just keeps getting better and better!!!!!

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