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No, Jordan Catalano Will Not Be Starring As The Ghost

Newest FYAer Megan hands in her first book report on My So-Called Haunting by Tamsyn Murray, in which the heroine juggles boys, both live and not-so-live.

No, Jordan Catalano Will Not Be Starring As The Ghost

Hey FYA! Please give a warm welcome to our guest blogger, Megan No H! We've been dazzled by her snarky pants in the comments, so we invited her to write a few posts for us. Sass away, Megan No H! - Poshdeluxe

BOOK REPORT for My So-Called Haunting (Afterlife Book 2) by Tamsyn Murray

BFF Charm: Yay
Swoonworthy Scale: 2
Talky Talk: Freshman Year English Class
Bonus Factors: Mysterious Loner Dude, Resident Ghost, London
Relationship Status: Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Were Older

The Deal:

Fourteen-year-old Skye has just moved from her home in Scotland to that of her aunts in London. If moving to a new city and fitting in to a new school weren't hard enough, Skye has the added bonus of being a teenage psychic. Not the kind where you can read minds or see the future but the kind where you see dead people everywhere you go (at school, jumping off bridges on her bus ride, even in her own bedroom). Her aunt shares the same gift and encourages Skye to work with her at her church that helps wayward ghosts cross over to the afterlife. It's there that she meets Dontay, a troubled teen ghost who was killed due to his gang involvement and is worried that his younger brother is headed down the same path.

Can Skye help Dontay cross over? And as the mysteriously dreamy Nico begins to show her attention, can Skye keep her social life and her supernatural life separate?

BFF Charm: Yay

I wasn't sure Skye and I were going to be friends right away. She has a tendency to overreact, sweating too much of the small stuff and never giving herself a break. But throughout the book she definitely grew up. When a unexpected turn of events occurs, Skye really picks herself up and proves that she's strong in situations where others might have fallen apart. She proves a very good friend to Dontay and I imagine she could be a great friend to living humans friends as well.

Swoonworthy Scale: 2

The snogging (I am allowed to say this since they're British) scenes between Skye and Nico definitely have some sparks, however, things are kept very PG between the two of them. Part of the reason my score is so low is that I never really found myself into Nico the way Skye was. Maybe I wasn't very interested in him or maybe it's because there was little conflict involved in their getting together that I couldn't get all that excited about it (oOoOOoo, hello Psych 101, what does that SAY about me???)

Talky Talk: Freshman Year English Class

The author does a good job of capturing a fairly authentic early high school voice. Never reading too adult and without peppering the dialogue with words or sayings that sound forced. Anytime I can survive a first person narrative without cracking my head against a wall should be considered a success.

Bonus Factor: Mysterious Loner Dude

While Nico may seem a bit extroverted outgoing at first to be a classic MLD, he's still dark and mysterious with a vague past. Plus, he seemingly has no other friends that the reader is aware of, so that sounds like a loner to me.

Bonus Factor: Resident Ghost

Skye's aunt's house has its very own poltergeist, Mary. A 400-years-dead witch, Mary is a constant thorn in Skye's side by hiding her stuff and generally acting that that crotchety aunt who has no problem criticizing your behavior or telling you that that outfit makes you look like a street walker. But when push comes to shove, Mary's fiercely loyal to Skye and her family and will work to protect them.

Bonus Factor: London

I can't exactly claim this is an exotic location, especially concerning the author is British. But, London's always an exciting backdrop for us Yankees. And while Skye's a bit young to explore The Big Smoke in style, we can still sit back and drink a Pimms or three in her honor.

Casting Call:

I know very few teen actors as is and even fewer British ones, so you'll have to bear (RARRR) with me on the casting call. Googling help me pick these so I'm certainly open for better suggestions.

Jemma McKenzie-Brown as Skye

I haven't seen High School Musical 3, but she's cute and she's British (I couldn't even find anyone Scottish except for Cho Chang and that girl is practically my age now -- when did that happen?!)

Nicholas Hoult as Nico

Hey it's that kid who charmed Hugh Grant. He looks Romanian, yes? No? Well, who asked you!

Joseph Dempsie as Dontay

I've never watched Skins, but since other folks raid their cast, so shall I.

Relationship Status: Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Were Older

When I first started spending time with this book, I immediately put off by the age difference (hey, I'm no Mary Kay Letourneau here.) This book seemed immature, even a little superficial and flighty. But as I spent more time with this book I saw that it was more mature than I had given it credit for and most important, had a good heart. There no reasons we can't be friends -- go see a movie, hit a football around, just not anything more serious than that. But hey, who knows, when you turn 18, you've got my number.

Megan Crane's photo About the Author: Megan is an unabashed fangirl who is often in a state of panic about her inability to watch, read and play all the things.