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I Bet Real Estate Is Cheap In Panem

In the market for a home? Erin puts on her realtor jacket to tour popular YA neighbourhoods.

I Bet Real Estate Is Cheap In Panem

One of the biggest perks of having such an excellent little community here at FYA, besides the fact that one day, one of you is going to be all, "Erin! You should meet my neighbor/cousin/brother/dog walker, Ryan Reynolds! I think you'd really hit it off. Except, he hates to wear shirts and almost never does. Are you okay with seeing his abs a lot?"*, is that our clever readers sometimes email us with topics to post about!

This is excellent, because besides building a community, it also lets certain lazy bloggers who maybe can't quite figure out how to write a book report for Elizabeth Scott's Grace come up with a post anyway!! I love being rewarded for my laziness!

One of our readers, Megan, (not to be confused with Meghan, as in, mother of Mr T, or Megan No H, guest poster), sent us an email yesterday with quite an intriguing question! She wanted to know what YA settings/countries/places we would want to live in and which ones we'd like to avoid like the plague.

Well, Megan, I for one have had my list of future residences written out for quite some time, and so, I present to you, Erin's Top Five Places To Live, 2010 edition.

1.  Hogwarts Castle, Scotland

Obvious choice is obvious, right? I mean, it's HOGWARTS. You know how real estate agents are always extolling the virtues of a particular house/neighborhood/town during open houses, while the pre-fab'd Pillsbury cookie dough bakes in the oven? Yeah, well, I bet on none of those little lists of Pros did the words "charmed ceiling, Butterbeer, all-you-can eat treacle, Peeves" appear! Because ain't NO open house like a Hogwarts open house!

I think we all like to think that, if we lived at Hogwarts, we'd be Gryffindors, but to be honest, I think I'd probably end up a Hufflepuff. And that's okay with me! THEY LIVE NEAR THE KITCHENS! And I think their ghost is nicer than Nearly Headless Nick. Also, not for nothin', but I don't think I'd want to be an unsuspecting pharmaceutical test case for George and Fred.

2.  Alabaster Preparatory Academy

Okay, so, YES, if I went to Alabaster Prep, I'd probably get shunned by everyone, maybe even the chess club, on account of how I don't have any money and I'm a Southerner. But I feel confident that I could somehow befriend Frankie Landau-Banks - possibly by hitting her up to play Words With Friends with me - and then she and I could both rule the school!

3.  London, c. mid-to-late 1800s

For obvious reasons, but mostly so that I could join forces with Gemma Doyle, Felicity, Ann and Pippa to defeat Circe, reclaim the Order, and kiss Kartik. I mean, before he turns into a tree.

Oh, ALSO, so that I can discover who Jack the Ripper was! And then I could come back in time and write a book about it and both my childhood dream (becoming a Ripperologist) and my adult dream (being rich) could come true at once!

4.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Oh, like you don't want to. What could be better than hiding out in bathrooms, sleeping under paintings**, and researching a mystery?

5.  The Capitol of Panem

Okay, hear me out! Yes, I REALIZE that it's, you know, a horrible dystopia built off the backs of slave labor. And that I'd be forced to watch children kill each other every year. And that at any moment, President Snow could decide to eat me with a little Frank's Red Hot Sauce (Snow puts that shit on everything).

But! The fur coats would be really warm and my apartment might have a dumbwaiter in it and I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED A DUMBWAITER OKAY?? IS THAT SO WRONG?


Your turn, ladies and Brian. If you could pack up your bags and move to a YA setting, where would it be?



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