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The Vampire Diaries 2x11: By the Light of the Moon

A recap of The Vampire Diaries, episode 2x11, "By the Light of the Moon".

The Vampire Diaries 2x11: By the Light of the Moon

Well, well, well, TVDers, the long week is over, and finally we get to see if there will actually be naughtiness in the cave! (Crosses fingers.)

We may not know what Young Harry Hamlin is up to, but George and I are sure glad he thinks the best place for Elena to be is in the Salvatore's care! And I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for the CW to throw JJ a bone! Badass former pouty needs some love, y'all!

Unfortunately, George is only with us in spirit tonight, due to a work function, but he'll return next week!

Tyler continues to watch Uncle Benicio's video while he packs for his full moon camping trip. He calls Uncle Benicio's phone and leaves a message, but there's a chick at Uncle Benicio's place, and she listens! Bonnie and JJ set up a test to see if Elena would try to steal the moonstone Drink!, and she does! So Bonnie puts up a wall of glass to keep Elena trapped at home so she won't turn herself in to Klaus. It would be funny if it just turned out to be a really clean sliding glass door.

Walking into glass doors is SO embarrassing!

Damon visits Stefan and Katherine and is awesome. Drink! Stefan decides he'd rather not eat the blood cupcakes than have to share them with Katherine. Tyler packs some more stuff in a bag to get ready for his full moon camping trip, and the chick from Uncle Benicio's place shows up and tells him that poor dead Uncle Benicio never made it back to Florida. This gets the dead mayor's wife in a tizzy, and she recruits Caroline's Mom to help find him. Damon decides to go meet the chick, and leaves Elena in JJ's care. JJ is cute and charming, so why not Drink! Caroline IS Vampire Barbie!!

And a fine bit of acting turned in by Tyler in tonight's episode.

Caroline and Tyler drive out to the place where Uncle Benicio used to chain himself up come full moon time. Then as new chick leaves the dead mayor's house, she calls somebody, and tells said person on the other end of the line that Tyler is a werewolf! Ruh-roh. At the campout cave, Tyler is getting all of the chains up for when he turns at the full moon, and takes off most of his clothes. But where are the Jorts?!! Bonnie goes to visit Luca, and he acts all innocent and martyry about her using his power to try to open the cave. He shows her a bunch of witch books and she asks him about breaking spells. At the Bronze, Alaric and Damon are totally doing a buddy cop movie by tag-teaming the new chick! Alaric pretends to be a drunk and buys her a drink, and Damon swoops in to 'save' her, effectively distracting her while Alaric slips wolfsbane into her drink!

In the sexy times cave, Katherine is trying to tempt Stefan by taking off her clothes and kissing him! Holy crap! And rips off Stefan's shirt! Drink! And, Aw man, it was only an image she implanted in his head! Come on! And also, holy hottness, Nina Dobrev!

Elena decides to help Aunt Jenna with some Mystic Falls historical stuff, and then, BAM! Young Harry Hamlin appears out of nowhere! Holy crap! I did NOT see that coming! Aunt Jenna let another evil vampire into the house! Young Harry Hamlin is pretending to be a historian or something. And he is super creepy! But then he leaves. And Elena runs up to get JJ, but Young Harry Hamlin is STILL there! Man, he LOVES the surprise! So Elena lies to JJ so he won't get eaten.

At least THAT glass is textured. Nobody's gonna accidentally walk into THAT.

Young Harry Hamlin tells Elena it's time they have a little chat. Back at the Bronze, the new chick is talking to Damon, but she is still not drinking her wolfsbane. Then at the campout cave, Tyler is all chained up and ready for the moon, and he drinks the wolsfbane water! And it's gross! He doesn't like it! It burns!

At Elena's, Young Harry Hamlin tells Elena he wants to make a deal with her. He tells Elena that he wants to wait until the time is right, and then use her to lure Klaus out and then kill him! Young Harry Hamlin is freaking awesome! And awesomely creepy! Elena says she has a condition. This surprises Young Harry Hamlin.

Bonnie and Luca are on a roof doing the witch mind-sex again to break the spell of the moonstone Drink!, and the moonstone blasts into bunches of sparks, simulating... wait. But back in the campout cave, poor nearly nekkid Tyler's bones are breaking in all weird ways. He tells Caroline to leave, but she won't. Because she is awesome. Drink! Damon finally gets new chick to drink her wolfsbane, but she just sniffs it and slams it down! She IS a werewolf! But she knew what they were doing the whole time! Then she threatens them! And she says she's marked them! Insert dog humor here. Damon is pissed off and awesome Drink!, but Alaric, ever the voice of reason, says they should just go home and be safe.

Craigslist: missed connection.

In Tyler's campout cave, things are STILL going on... and on... progressing in slow torture, and Caroline still won't leave him, until he starts really turning into a wolf and tries to bite her! So Caroline, smartly, runs off into the woods. Damon arrives back at home, and can immediately tell that something's not right. Oh, it's Rose! Little Rose has returned! But her accent seems to be completely missing! Then a werewolf breaks into the house and attacks Rose and bites her up. But then she starts healing. They guess the whole 'werewolf bites are lethal' thing was a joke. Luca comes home and delivers the completely intact moonstone -that he tricked Bonnie out of!- to his dad. He doesn't seem too happy about it, but I still don't like him. Luca wants to go to bed, but his dad says there's one more thing they need to do for Young Harry Hamlin before bed.

In the cave of NO sexy times Stefan tries to talk to Katherine. Katherine tells him he should find Isabelle. That Isabelle would be able to find Klaus. Then there's a weird sound, and then Young Harry Hamlin shows up! Elena bargained with him, so he had Luca and his dad lift the curse! But then Young Harry Hamlin makes Katherine stay in the cave. Snap! Man, CW, what a red herring! I SO wanted them to be stuck in the sexy cave for at least three episodes! Katherine asks Stefan not to leave her, but he just says goodbye and walks away.

"What do you think they're doing in the sexy cave?"

Out in the woods, Caroline is wondering if wolf-Tyler is okay, so she goes back down into the camping cave. She finds him in human form again, but in pretty rough shape. They cry and hug. In Elena's room, Stefan shows up, and they are happy and hug and kiss and lay down on Elena's bed. At the Salvatore's Rose seems to be healing fine, and Damon decides to play "chicken or turkey" on her thigh. Then she says since the werewolf bite didn't kill her, she's going to go all brave and stay and help them. Then they start kissing, but then Rose's shoulder hurts and we see that the werewolf bite didn't heal! It's a gross festery thing on her back!

Well I, for one, am SORELY disappointed with the events, or lack thereof, in the sexytimes cave. But, wow, that was an interesting turn with Young Harry Hamlin, no? I have decided that we need to see him more often! So until next time, you think they'll let this werewolf bite put poor Rose out of her misery?

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