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The YAngelist Anthem

Smarty Pants Alison pens a YAngelist anthem!

The YAngelist Anthem

Earlier this week, we received the following email:

Dear FYA,

Today, I was extremely bored doing my grown-up job, so I decided to take a break and write a YAvangelist anthem. Please feel free to sing it loudly to non-believers. Enjoy. Consider this a thank you for providing me with countless hours of entertainment.

Spreading the YA gospel,
Brooklyn, NY

We then proceeded to read (Ok, we sang out loud. Possibly in terrible British accents) the following anthem, which was SO fabulous, we had to share it with all of y'all. We hope you find it as hilarious and inspiring as we did. May it fan the flames of yr YAngelism and give you strength to fight the good fight!

The YAngelist Anthem (with apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein)
To be sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things"

Awkward adult sex and cubicle drama,
Caring for senile, arthritic old mamma,
Menopause, hopelessness, hair that's gone gray,
If you hate themes like these, stick with YA.

Booker Prize, Pulitzer, they're so prestigious,
Some people worship them like they're religious.
Many fear young adult's lacking in class,
But Katsa and Katniss could kick Franzen's ass!

Hunger Games, Peeps, Chaos Walking, Will Grayson,
Make your heart flutter and set your mind racin'.
Graceling and Sweethearts, and sad If I Stay,
You're missing out if you sneer at YA.

When your job sucks.
When your rent's late.
Yes, you might feel sad,
But I'll make a wager that as a teenager,
Your problems seemed twiiiiice as baaaaaad!

(Repeat ad nauseam)

In addition to writing passionate anthems about YA, Alison photographs operas for a living (WHAT! I know!) and can do the entire Thriller dance, which she hopes will help her blend in during the zombie apocalypse. Her favorite cocktails are fruity brunch drinks like mimosas and bellinis.