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Leila and Rebecca Take on Barnes and Noble

YA authors Lelia Sales and Rebecca Serle infiltrate the teen section at a Barnes & Noble.

Leila and Rebecca Take on Barnes and Noble

Our fave authors-we're-actually-friends-with, Leila Sales & Rebecca Serle, are BACK with more insight into the life of a YA writer. In today's installment, they deface private property! And are super cute while doing so! And, in Big Awesome News, Rebecca just signed a two book deal AND already sold the rights to her debut novel. HOLLA! Feel free drink some champers in her honor at any point this weekend.

I know at this point you guys are all like, Rebecca, honestly, what's up with you and Leila Sales? Do you guys like share an oxygen supply? Do you just follow each other around with camcorders? Do you even HAVE other friends? To this I say: we definitely breathe different air. But mostly it's the same! 'Cause of how we're doing it together!

Anyway, last week Leila and I went to the teen section at our local Barnes and Noble to make sure Mostly Good Girls was getting accurate display. This is what we do on weeknights. We are like the police of YA.

So we're downstairs, making sure the place is up to fire code and all, when Leila tells me she should sign some stock. I frown a bit and shake my head super solemnly. And then I look Leila square in the eye and I tell her, really gently, look, I know we think we're cool and everything and that's good. Self-confidence is really important. And also, Leila, you have excellent penmanship. You really do. But we can't just go around defacing property. It's illegal.

But Leila is not easily dissuaded. She goes up to the Barnes and Noble employees and asks if she can sign stock and OMG, they are so excited! And say of course! And let her sign every copy of her book in the store!

In fairness, they could have just been responding to the soulful/threatening look in my eye that said: please don't let my friend down. And if you think your bookcases are alphabetized, think again.

The point is: I DO follow Leila around with a camcorder and you'll be relieved to hear I captured the whole thing.


We are off to pick up the copies of Mostly Good Girls to sign. Being as how Leila is modest, she turns her back to me.

We find it! There are lots of copies! And they're so visible! Plus ten points!

We check out the competition. We say some super adult/mature things like so and so is really an amazing dialogist. Then we laugh hysterically.

Signing commences! Leila takes out her fancy shmanzy pen.

Is this an author, or what? Come on, people, LOOK AT THAT FACE.

I told you guys: PENMANSHIP!

They give Leila these crazy-cool stickers to put on the cover! COLLECTOR'S ITEM.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say: Being an author at a bookstore totally rocks. My book doesn't come out until May 2012, so I have some time to perfect my signature, but when it does, you'll know where to find me.

And Leila? I fully expect you to charge the camcorder.