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From the Front Lines of the War for YAngelism

Forever Young Adult Presents: A Soldier's Account of a Battle for YAngelism by Smarty Pants Amber.

From the Front Lines of the War for YAngelism

We recently received the following email from Amber, a witness to a terrible attack upon the cause of YAngelism. We decided to share her horrifying story with the world in the hopes that increasing awareness will prevent this travesty from happening in the future. May this testimony inspire you, dear believers, to keep fighting the good fight!

Oh, and even though the first paragraph has nothing to do with the rest of her account, we decided to leave it in, because WE LOVE COMPLIMENTS.

Dear Lovely Ladies at FYA,

I just want to start out by saying that the second most exciting part of my day happens at around 5:15 in the afternoon because by that point I have decided that I have worked enough and can spend the next 15 minutes goofing off at the FYA website. This keeps me happily occupied until I can begin the most enjoyable part of the day, getting ready to close so I can go the hell home. I hope that you will understand your second place status, cause nothing beats going home. But I would like to point out that you do beat out my lunch break for second place.

With my love for you all (hopefully) expressed, I would like to continue on to the point of my little letter here, which is to expose a fiendish attack on our glorious YA literature which has come to my attention this very day, December 15th in the year of our Lord (Tiny Cooper that is) 2010.

To put my story into context, I'd like say that I am a librarian at a small public library in Texas. While I may not be a YA librarian per se, YA collection and programming is one of my many library duties and really my favorite part of the job. As the defacto YA Librarian, patrons often come to me for reading suggestions. Once such person, a fun Cool Mom who enjoys some YA readin' herself, asked for book suggestions for her 15ish daughter for Christmas. Of course on the top of my list was the Hunger Games (I luv u Cinna!!!). So today (a day that shall live in infamy) Cool Mom walks in the library, chats with me for a minute and then mentions that her mother (Grandma) went a certain Big Chain Bookstore the other day to get the Hunger Games for Cool Mom's daughter and the person and Big Chain Bookstore (BCB) was horrified by this request. The BCB employee told Grandma that it was an awful book about kids killing kids and that it had a horrible ending.

What the hell!!

Needless to say Grandma didn't get the book. Now Cool Mom, being cool, wasn't mad at me for giving her the suggestion or anything and after a quick conversation about what the Hunger Games is really about, I feel pretty certain that it is back on the Christmas list. But I am so pissed!!!! WTF is a BCB employee doing telling someone this shizz about the Hunger Games! First and foremost, aren't you there to be sellin books, BCB employee?? Yeah, I thought so! So keep your damn comments to yourself! Second, if you are working in the YA section you need to reassess your career choices and get the hell out there before the teens and YAngelists, such as myself, tie you naked to a book rack, scrawl "Seneca Crane" across your chest and use you for target practice ala Katniss!

In order to keep myself from doing anything drastic (see Operation Avenge Katniss above) I though I would email you ladies to thank you for your awesome YAngelism and remind us all that we must be constantly vigilant as to the nefarious YA hatin' that happens all around us. Oh and also to let you know that the BCB in question was in Austin, so if any of you go to one anytime soon, please test the employees as I would like to locate said YA hatin employee and have my revenge (see Operation Avenge Katniss).

May the blessings (e.g. awesome musical theater) of Tiny Cooper be upon you this festive season.

Much love,

When she's not out librarianing, Amber likes to study Latin and drink strawberry daiquiris. She also used to volunteer at a coroner's office, although she swears she just did paperwork and never touched any dead bodies.