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The Girl With the Mockingjay Tattoo

Erin gushes over The Girl Who Was On Fire, the collection of Hunger Games essays by YA authors, and invites YOU to write a Hunger Games essay too!

The Girl With the Mockingjay Tattoo

Oh, hey, guys? I wanted to talk about this book series that you may have not heard of. It's pretty hard to get ahold of, but it's called the Hunger Games series. You should really read it! It's, like, super-exciting and compelling. I'm going to talk to the other girls and we may, as a site, start mentioning it from time to time, just cause no one seems to be talking about it.

Ha ha! I AM SO FUNNY. (Shh. Just tell me I'm funny and no one gets hurt.) Guess what, you guys? I've been reading The Girl Who Was on Fire, a fascinating collection of essays about the Hunger Games series. Written by some of today's Best-Selling YA Authors , this book tackles all aspects of the Hunger Games - public fascination with "reality," Katniss being a kickass feminist icon, war, strife, love, community, politics, fashion and PTSD. And this book could be in your soft, well-groomed Capitol hands if you play your cards right.

Yeah, no kidding! It kind of pains me to even give this book away, because I want to carry it around on my person AT ALL TIMES, so that when someone starts either A) scoffing about YA or B) asking, "Isn't that book just a knock-off of Battle Royale?," I can just shove this book in their face instead of actually having to explain with words why they are a stupid, pretentious cuntface. Because this book says everything I'd say, only better and without resorting to using words like "cuntface."

Seriously, folks, I feel like I'm in COLLEGE again, only I'm not hungover or having an ill-advised romantic relationship with my elders. (And also cause I'm not wearing my pyjamas in public.) This book is LEGIT. And it's jam-packed with essays on topics that are near and dear to my heart, like ethics in science, PTSD, feminism and politics. All of the essays are thought-provoking and they really get into the heart and soul of the series. In fact, I'll even bet you that you'll come away from this book liking the series more than you did already. Hell, I'm one of the few people I know who actually really enjoyed Mockingjay (I would even go so far as to say that I found it superior to Monsters of Men, which contained a bit too much Monologuing by villains for my taste.), and after reading this, I liked it even more and can't wait to read it again.

So how can this awesome book be yours? Easy. Make believe that YOU are a bestselling YA author (or, if you are one, you know, just make believe that you are yourself) and send us a Smarty Pants entry about the Hunger Games series. It can be about any topic you'd like - maybe you want to write a screed about how Greasy Sae is the best character in the book, whatever! - but it has to be at least tangentially related to the Hunger Games.

We'll publish ALL of the entries we get, but we'll also vote on the best one! And the winner gets the book! Probably stained with my tears from having to hand it over. So if you would like to both read about the Hunger Games and use my DNA to create your own freckled, sarcastic, nightmarish Erin!Clone, then you get to kill two birds with one Smarty Pants entry!

To submit a Smarty Pants entry to us, you follow three simple steps:

1) Write something.

2) Send it to us at foreveryoungadult at gmail dot com.

3) Pop open a champ can and toast your own awesomeness.

You have TWO WEEKS to complete this assignment!

For those of you who don't want to submit a Smarty Pants entry, but DO want to be a Smarty Pants by reading this book, it'll be available in April, published by Smart Pop Books (for which my pal Jacob also writes)! You should be able to purchase it in all the usual places!

Good luck, Smarty Pants contributors, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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