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Letters to the FYAditor: Home School YAngelism

A letter to the FYAditor asks for YA recommendations for home schoolers.

Letters to the FYAditor: Home School YAngelism

In this weekly installment from the craytopia of our mailbox, frequent commenter & Smarty Pants Katie Coops asks for your feedback. Check out her letter and help a girl out!

Hello ladies!

So I finally quit my heinous teaching job where I was forced to teach to the state's standardized test and had no authority in the classroom! Yay!

Serendipitously, I had an interview the day after my last day of teaching and I got the job. I will be holding classes for mostly home-schooled kids on any topic I want, whenever I want. So, for example, I could say I want to teach a novel study on Anne of Green Gables for students ages 11 to 13 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 2:00 for 5 weeks.

I have all kinds of freedom and I am super excited, to say the least. The only catch is I'll be working for a "God-honoring" (their words) couple who are organizing the whole thing. I don't have anything against that - in fact, I grew up a missionary kid and was home-schooled myself for a few years - but it limits me on some of the books I can use for novel studies. They can have a few controversial issues, but probably no sex stuff: they specifically mentioned Forever as one I shouldn't do (or super violent. The Hunger Games, as awesome as that would be, is out).

Of course, I would love to do Anne of Green Gables but I can't choose just one gender and I doubt boys of any age would be interested in reading it, even though it would be awesome if they did. I can do any book, contemporary or in the young adult canon, but I should have a good reason for choosing that book. I can choose the age but I would like to have ages 12 and older.

What books would you recommend? Is there any way you could pose this question on the website so I could get lots of people's ideas? (I'm greedy, I know.) Thank you so much for your awesome site and I am so glad to be a part of this community!

Thank you,
Katie (katiecoops)

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