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At Least Jennifer Lawrence Knows How To Skin a Squirrel

Posh leads a highly intellectual convo about the biggest casting news ever: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

At Least Jennifer Lawrence Knows How To Skin a Squirrel

Alright, tributes, so we've all heard the news that Jennifer Lawrence has been officially probably cast as Katniss Everdeen. Besides the fact that we can all quit wondering and focus on more important things like WHO WILL BE PEETA AND GALE, the press releases have been the best part of all of this madness. Take, for example, the description of the book from US Magazine:

Lawrence will play Katniss Everdeen, a girl who joins a survival contest in order to save her community. The story takes place in the future, where teenagers are chosen at random to participate on the TV show Hunger Games, which forces them to compete to the death.

ORLY? That's like saying Of Mice and Men is about a dude who enjoys cuddling rabbits. COME ON NOW.

Anyhoo, we know y'all have a LOT of things to say about this news, so let us engage in a highly intellectual conversation on our views.

I'll start off our discussion by listing a few of the pros and cons.


1.  Jennifer Lawrence looks like this:

2.  Jennifer Lawrence is 20-years-old.


1.  Jennifer Lawrence was totally badass in Winter's Bone:

2.  Jennifer Lawrence is famous, which will bring lots of attention to the film.

3.  Jennifer Lawrence is old, which means she could be paired with William Moseley and Ethan Peck and it won't be creepy.

Those are some of the basic points, but I know y'all have WAY more to say about it, so LET'S CONVO.

Oh, and feel free to discuss the rumored Peeta candidates as well. Especially because NONE OF THEM ARE WILLIAM MOSELEY WTF HOLLYWOOD.


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