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Leila and Rebecca Take On Book Signings!

YA authors Leila Sales and Rebecca Serle give a behind-the-scenes look of a book signing.

Leila and Rebecca Take On Book Signings!

The fabulous Leila & Rebecca are back with more behind the scenes dirt on Life as a YA Author. For this installment, Rebecca takes us to a book signing. And not just any book signing, NAY. It's the NYC Teen Author Festival, bishes!

Hey guys! So this week was the Teen Author Festival in NYC and EVERYONE was there. No seriously. Everyone. E. Lockhart and Susane Colasanti and Melina Marchetta and, most importantly, Leila Sales and Rebecca Serle. Yes, we braved the seventy -degree spring to toil in the trenches of panels and signings and readings. Well Leila did, anyway. I mostly took pictures.

Leila was part of a panel on friendship and community on Saturday and when the moderator asked her if her real life world informed the world of her books (on the aforementioned topics), I held my arms out real wide to the audience. Unfortunately no one saw me and mostly what happened was that her agent told me to pipe down and Leila gave an incredibly thoughtful response that did not include "Rebecca Serle is the reason I write."

There's always next year!

The book signing was held at this incredibly cool children's bookstore called Books of Wonder. It's one of my favorite places in the city---a real Shop Around the Corner type of place, except Tom Hanks never did show up with my bouquet of newly sharpened pencils. There were so many wonderful authors in attendance, but the best part was the number of children and teens who showed up to get their books signed. I meandered around while Leila signed and overhead the most encouraging things an author could possibly hear.

"I read The Hunger Games twelve times."

"I can't believe Melina Marchetta is here!"

"I bought all six of his books. Do you think he'll sign six of them?"

And so on and so on. Disclosure: the second comment was actually my friend Katie. She made me wait in the proper line for 45 minutes so she could meet Ms. Marchetta.

But it was heartwarming. It reminded me again of why I write kids books. How much joy there is in creating something that touches a child, or a teen, and how much genuine fun people in children's literature have.

Below are some pictures from the signing. We stayed for a few hours but then had to leave, because, as Leila put it: "We have to go write new books so that we can come back and enjoy it next year."

Plus also, we were hungry.

Leila Sales, official author!

Teens waiting to get their books signed.


Katie and I...loyal supporters.

The author.

Next year I'll have a book to sign!