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Getting Your Fix On (YA Edition)

Jonesing for your next YA fix? Megan lists the many ways to get your hands on your next favourite book!

Getting Your Fix On (YA Edition)

As a completely unabashed YA admit, I find often myself thinking about when I'm going to get my next hit. Despite always having more books than I can ever find time to read, as a true addict I cannot stop from fantasizing about the books I haven't scored yet.

Maybe I should pre-order that book, it's coming out in just 70 days!

My reserve books came into the library! But they close at 5 today. I guess I will have to sneak out of work early.

Wait, you want me to do what on July 21st, 2007? Haha, no seriously, I will kill you.

My addiction has hurt my social life, my work ethic and my wallet. But no matter! I'm not here to help you find a cure, I'm an enabler. So let's talk about the ways in which we can get a hit.

Getting Your Fix On: A Guide to Our Drug of Choice

Big Chain Bookstores

Love 'em or hate 'em, they're convenient and have a large selection. Growing up in the burbs made Barnes and Noble and Borders my only shopping options. However, the same business model that had them crushing independent book stores left in right has left them unable to compete in the current market. These days, I only reluctantly head into a Barnes and Noble when someone has given me a gift-card for Christmas or my birthday and I think to myself this is annoying, books should come to me.

Independent Bookstores

The pros here - you're supporting the little guy, the small business owners! But there are cons as well. Smaller independents just often don't have the greatest selections and not everyone has a decent (or convenient) store located near them. See if you do.

Used Bookstores

They're Independent too. And cheap! Plus you can find all sorts of vintage copies and different, older covers. However, they can often have poor selection and an undefined or nonexistent YA section. A good used book store is a precious commodity, hold on to it and never let it go.

Online Booksellers

Sure, they're a giant faceless corporation, but Amazon is where it's at. New books, used books, there is pretty much no YA book you won't be able to buy from there. Sure you lack the immediacy on a brick and mortar store but - but they have cheap prices, no taxes, (frequent) free shipping and you can buy your YA with, well, anything else you can imagine. Why don't you buy five pounds of gummi bears with that next book? And with options like eBay, AbeBooks and Alibris, you have plenty of online vendors.


GUYS, I LOVE BOOK SWAPPING. There are few things more satisfying that turning stuff you don't want into stuff that's awesome. I use, which I like because you can trade books, movies and video games all in one place. Just last week I got three Jaclyn Moriarty novels and it was epic. Some other popular swapping sites are Paperback Swap and BookMooch (the latter of which is international, for all you non-Mericans).

Book Sales

Book sales! Are. The. Best. But seriously, you will not find cheaper books anywhere. I'm a member of my local library's Friends chapter (wait, really, you're going to judge me, I am blogging about books, what did you expect for me???) and we put on book sales to raise money and oh man. Books that are either a quarter or a dollar. Not all sales have the greatest YA selections, but they are still worth checking out.


DO YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T EVEN HAVE A LIBRARY CARD???!? Seriously, I cannot fathom this, but it's true. Whenever I go to my local library I never see anyone my age. Which is such a shame because libraries have some of the greatest YA collections around. I know it's important to support our YA authors with our monies, but when you're feeling poor or not sure if you're going to like a book, then library it is! Nothing gives me more satisfaction than walking out with a stack of 20 YA titles that I can barely carry. Go. Library. Now.

Teh Nets

The internet is a place where people steal things. But it can also be used to find free things that aren't stolen! Like finding public domain ebooks. I like to think public domain books exist almost solely for the purpose of reading at my work computer.


So how do you get your fix? What are your preferences? Any secret hook up methods you want to share? There is no shame here.

Megan Crane's photo About the Author: Megan is an unabashed fangirl who is often in a state of panic about her inability to watch, read and play all the things.