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Extremely Scientific Swoon Analysis: Almost Perfect

An extremely scientific swoon analysis of a scene from Brian Katcher's Almost Perfect.

Extremely Scientific Swoon Analysis: Almost Perfect

Holla book readers! Welcome to the first edition of FYA's Extremely Scientific Swoon Analysis, in which we put our thinking caps on to bring you an in-depth look at some of the swooniest scenes from our favorite books!

And what better book to kick off this shindig but Almost Perfect, a gem written by Mr. FYA himself, Brian Katcher! Now, this book won the Stonewall Award for Best Book Relating to the LGBTQ Experience, but check out what happens when we measure the force (x) velocity of two pairs of lips!


Sage Hendricks -- A tall, lanky young lady with ginger hair, a killer sense of style, and irresistible quirkiness. Y'all, Sage is the kind of person ANYBODY'D be lucky to call their BFF. She's kind and gentle, open and trusting, even though she's had it ROUGH.

Logan Witherspoon -- An intelligent, funny boy who's a bit of a pessimist due to past bad relationship experience. Logan is the kind of boy who thinks so deeply, but struggles to express himself. The kind who's swoony without ever knowing it.


This moment in the book comes at a time when Logan is just beginning to realize the strength of his feelings for Sage. He wants it to not matter that she happened to have been born in a boy's body, instead choosing to like her for the girl she is.


It would be so easy to leave. No explanations. Neither of us would bring it up again. Just a couple of friends who'd enjoyed a moment of forbidden passion. Something we could treasure.

But I didn't want just a moment. After half a year of knowing Sage, I could finally admit I wanter her. I wanted this beautiful, strange, wonderful woman. I didn't want some friend of my sister's. I didn't want to go on awkward dates. My best friend was a beautiful girl! What was wrong with that?

Plenty, Logan, she's a--

I DON'T CARE! I kissed Sage harder to drown out the voice. I wrapped my arms around her waist. We kneeled awkwardly, facing each other on the bed, holding hands across our laps.


Kissage Score: 9

Tension: 10

Tingling: 10


'Forbidden' Romance -- I'd been rooting for these two to get together since they first met in biology lab, but Logan has traversed a difficult path. How does a high school boy handle finding out the girl he really, really likes is transgender? What kinds of questions does it cause him to ask about himself? And how does Sage feel, while Logan's processing all of this? Why can't she simply like a boy, and have him like her back?

Weekend at College -- How many times did I want to go visit my sister in college when I was still in high school? To spend a night away from home with older kids, where anything might happen! You might go to a college party and drink alcohol! And you might get to spend the night making out with the person you like! Just knowing that there are no parents about to walk in at any minute, no curfews! Complete freedom!


Apart from how deeply emotionally invested I was in these two characters, this scene is the epitome of a perfect first sexual experience. It is fraught with angst, full to the brim with tingles, not without its fumbling, and most of all HOT.

Alrighty, FYAers, I know we've just blown your minds with our scientific genius, but pick up your brain puddles and share your thoughts! Would you change anything in my analysis? Are there any variables you would add?

And what books/scenes would you like to see us include in this series in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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