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Peeta & Gale Casting: Another Nefarious Capitol Plot?

Peeta and Gale have been cast for the Hunger Games movie. WHY, GARY, WHY!?

Peeta & Gale Casting: Another Nefarious Capitol Plot?

Well, tributes, it's been confirmed. Gary Ross didn't read our mothercussing letters.

How do we know this? Well, instead of choosing actors that were OBVIOUSLY PERFECT for the role, he's decided to cast Josh Hutcherson as Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Gale. SERIOUSLY, GARY? SERIOUSLY? You are so lucky I don't know the location of the conference room where you sit around with the casting directors cos I'd blaze in there right now and shoot an arrow through the freaking memo of your VERY BAD DECISION.

Let's do a quick comparison for scientific purposes. Here's our choice for clever, adorable, sweet Peeta:

William Moseley

And here's Gary's choice:

Josh Hutcherson

Here's our choice for handsome, brooding, totes manly Gale:

Ethan Peck

And here's Gary's choice:

Liam Hemsworth


God I wish I had some Jameson at my desk. SOMEONE GET ME SOME JAMESON IMMEDIATELY.

Seriously, though, this is hugely disappointing news. I'm not ready to give up on the film yet, especially because I've read the script (more on that soon!) and it's pretty good. And who knows, maybe these guys will do Peeta and Gale justice. But I'm gonna need a little mourning time and a lot more cocktails before I'm ok with this decision. Oh yeah, and I'll also need Bill Pullman cast as Haymitch and Kristin Chenoweth cast as Effie. DO YOU HEAR ME, GARY?

So, how are y'all feeling about this news? LET'S CONVO.


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