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Teen Wolf 1x1: Wolf Moon

Teen Wolf: Never Say Die: Meghan recaps MTV's Teen Wolf in the form of a comic! Plus: drinking game rules! (You didn't expect her to watch this sober, did you?)

Teen Wolf 1x1: Wolf Moon

You guys, MTV is doing this new thing, where they have a TV show that doesn't feature pregnant teenagers! It's called Teen Wolf -- while it's based on a movie none of its target audience has even heard of, let alone seen (for which they can be eternally grateful*), it's NOT based on another, better show! Way to branch out, MTV! Next thing you know, they'll start wondering what the "M" stands for in their name, and show music videos again. One can always hope.

*Screw nostalgia -- no one should have to sit through that many van-surfing and walking-down-the-hall-doing-finger-guns montages

We decided to do something a little different with the Teen Wolf recaps, and present for your reading pleasure ...

Teen Wolf: The Comic!

But first, the initial drinking game rules (subject to change with future episodes):

The Teen Wolf Series Drinking Game


•  when there's a shot of the moon

•  anytime the word "wolf" is mentioned

•  Scott (aka Tyler Posey, aka Poor Man's Taylor Lautner, How Sad Is That?) experiences superpowers

Take a shot:

•  when there's shirtlessness (x2 if it's Derek)

•  Stiles mugs for the camera

•  Scott transforms


•  during a sports montage

Ab Count: 4 (5 if you count seeing Allison semi-shirtless)

And now for the pilot!


Don't worry, Scott. Cats react to me that way all the time! Go ahead and ask Allison to the party when she shows up to your the vet clinic with a hurt doggy. You know, the creepy morgue-like vet clinic you happen to be hanging out in late at night. Like ya do.

Ooh, cliffhanger! Will tonight's episode be more interesting? Will Derek be shirtless? God, I hope so!

Next episode: "Second Chance at First Line"

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