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Teen Wolf 1x7: Night School

Wake Me Up Before You Teen Wolf: A recap of Teen Wolf in the form of a comic.

Teen Wolf 1x7: Night School

Previous episode: "Heart Monitor"

Look, I know it's only Tuesday, but you really might want to go ahead and pour yourself a drink. What? It's 10 am? It's also Teen Wolf time -- does that change your mind? It should. This week's episode hit a new low, and the only way to console myself for the fact that I wasn't tucked up in bed at 10:30 last night like I wanted but was watching this instead is by creating a new drinking game rule. Drink every time MTV makes a self-congratulatory, did-you-spot-this-we're-so-clever reference (like the jokes about Teen Mom, or the TWO Let the Right One In references so far. In fact, take a shot for every one of those). In short, last night's episode was the midnight train to Snoozeville. And not even an express -- a local, so you have to stop at every freaking dingy little town on the way, like Eye Roll and Boredom City. Excited? All aboard!

Ab count: Zero!

Yep. NONE. Derek's dead and Allison's dad didn't show up. We weren't even treated to a shot of Jackson or Scott. What is this world coming to?

Last week, on Teen Wolf: Scott and Stiles meet Derek and the vet in the school parking lot. The vet might be the alpha! The alpha escapes, Derek dies (RIP), Scott and Stiles hide in the school. And get trapped -- I guess they missed the episode of Buffy when Angel goes all Angelus and kills Ms. Calendar.

Well! Wasn't that a wonderful, pathos-filled episode? Do you think Allison and Scott will stay broken up? Does a woman scorned embrace the family business and become a hunter? WILL SHE KILL SCOTT AND BONE JACKSON? God, I hope so. Until next week, here's a picture of MY little werewolf, Daisy.

Next episode: "Lunatic"

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