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Let’s All Go To A Book Club!

Coming soon to a location (OK, alcohol establishment) near you: It's fime for the FYA Book Club!

Let’s All Go To A Book Club!

I've always wanted to be in a book club. I know, that's sort of a silly ambition, because it's a book club. I should just . . . go. But I'm super shy (stop laughing! I am! Sort of! In person, anyway, if I don't have any liquid courage in me) and, much like Fitzwilliam Darcy, not good at recommending myself to others, which is why I spend my days being a surly malcontent with ten thousand pounds a year. It totally sucks that ten thousand pounds a year isn't that much any more.

But I'm about to take my book club passion and make it happen! Because we are proud to present:

Forever Young Adult's Worldwide Book Club

I know! I KNOW! We can ALL be in a book club! I'm so excited too!!

And hopefully dumb Jack and Kate won't crash in our back yard while we're having our book club.

So, here's the sitch:

The book clubs will be meeting every month, during the second weekend of the month. (Depending on the city, the book club meeting may be on a Saturday, a Sunday, a Thursday, whatever. But we're aiming to all meet in the same second week/weekend of the month.) There will be as many book clubs as there are willing participants! Live in a big city? Awesome, I bet your book club will be full of other awesome people. Live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere? Well, befriend your local librarian and the two of you can be in a club together!

Each book club will have a Book Club Leader. The FYAers will be the leaders for their respective cities, but the rest of you can feel free to volunteer for your own cities, since no one will pay us to fly to them, just to host a book club meeting (lame!). Book Club Leaders will be responsible for securing a location for their city's book club (we recommend holding it in a quiet bar, but we are also drunks, so.) and for contacting their book club attendees about any last-minute changes in schedule or location. They will also be responsible for sending us a brief write-up of their book club's activities every month, for reasons we will discuss right now . . .

After every month's book club, we'll have a post about our book clubs' success! With photos from book clubs around the world! And their thoughts and insights into the book we've all read! This way we can all feel connected to each other - plus, I'm like 99% sure all FYA readers are SUPER HOT PEOPLE, so I want photo proof of that. Hopefully we'll all start to feel like part of a global FYA community and give strangers hugs on the street and shit.

We've already picked out the book we'll be reading for August's Book Club (Libba Bray's Beauty Queens!), but for each subsequent month, we'll take a poll from all of our Book Club attendees and choose a book from their suggestions.

So! With all that said, if you want to get together with other people in your area to read YA books, knock back a few cocktails* and maybe make some new friends**, FILL OUT THIS FORM BELOW!! We'll be asking you for your location (if you live pretty close to a major city, put down that city. If you live out in the middle of nowhere, never fear! We'll figure something out for you!), your name, your email address (please put down an email address that you actually read. This will be how your Book Club Leader contacts you re: any changes to your Book Club meeting) and whether you'd be interested in being a book Club Leader (we'll come up with a better name than that. FYA Tzar? Herr Book Club Fraulein? I'll think of something.).

Ed. note: Form closed. Please refer to the FYA Book Club page for more details.

YOU HAVE ONE WEEK TO FILL THIS FORM OUT. After that, we'll start compiling the info and setting up the cities for the book clubs and sending out the info to the Book Club Leaders. But if you are reading this post a week from now and thinking, "oh, shit! I never should have taken that honeymoon to a remote island on which I did nothing all day but have sex and drink mai tais, because now I can't be in a book club," well then, you need to reexamine your priorities in life, child. And also, don't worry. We'll always be posting the schedule/time info for each city's book club the week before they're due to meet, so you still get to go! And if you are the only person in your city and would still like to have a book club, email us and we'll get you set up for the next month.

*Optional. I don't want to make anyone lose their liver

** Totally optional. I'm not your kindergarten teacher; you don't have to be friends with the person who shares your glue.

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