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Sophomore Year Ruled The School!

FYA celebrates its 2nd Birthday!

Sophomore Year Ruled The School!

Hey y'all! It's no big deal or anything, but on July 15, this website finished its sophomore year! Ok, I'm kidding, it's like a mega huge deal, because WE'RE OFFICIALLY JUNIORS NOW! And maybe we'll finally be able to sneak into the senior commons! And the hot upperclassmen boys will stop mistaking us for freshmen! (As if!)

Even though we're excited about being older and like, more mature and maybe even moving up a cup size (fingers crossed), it's been a pretty great year. We made so many new friends! And shared so many good times! We'll definitely treasure these memories forever, and since that's exactly why yearbooks were invented (We still have ours from last year!), we decided to give you a peak into the notes we left for the awesome (and not so awesome) people who roamed the halls with us this year.

Hey Mockingjay Midnight Release! Remember that AWESOME party we had for your big day? Man, it took me forever to get to your party, but once I got there, it was totally worth it! What was your favorite part? I think mine was the Real Life Hunger Games that we played with Nerf guns and arrows. Or maybe mixing those Effies for everyone. Or daring Henri to drink a Haymitch and then coming up with our Ultimate Battle for reading Mockingjay. It was SO super fun to hang out with all the other FYAers and make awesome tshirts. I really hope we can do it again sometime! Um, but not for your own big day. Maybe for a better book's?

K.I.T.!!! Have a crazy, cool summer!

WHAT UP MEG CABOT! Girl, you LIGHT UP MY LIFE. Seriously, when you chose us out of all the other bloggers in the caf to sit with you at lunch, I couldn't believe it. I mean, hello, you're THE coolest girl in school! And now we're friends and you say hi to us in the halls and btw I totally voted for you, like, a billion times for prom queen. (Don't tell anyone on Student Council, LOL.) But for realsies, you are totally our role model, and you've inspired us so much with your amazing books and sassy personality and dessert ordering skills. NEVER CHANGE!

2 Sweet
2 B
+ ______
4 Gotten


No H! Hless! Girl, I am SOOOOO glad we got to know you this year. It's totally awesome to have another Meg(h)an representing -- what what! One day we will TAKE OVER THE WORLD. With your love of cray cray dystopias and awesome Aussie lit (see what I almost did there? but restrained myself?), and encyclopedic knowledge of Harry Potter you're totally like a sister from another mister!! LOVE yr long shiny hair!! Stay sweet! LYLAS!!


Dear Unknown Computer Virus,
So here we were, just minding our own business, when you decided to show up in March, out of nowhere. It was SO AWESOME that you tried to infect our readers computers. And it was SO AWESOME that those with web filters couldn't access you for two whole months. That even included our own FYA writers from accessing the website from work. So THANKS FOR THAT. And oh, in case you couldn't tell, I AM BEING SARCASTIC. So thank you for going to hell and feel free to stay there as long as you like (read: FOREVER).

Love (NOT),

Dear Lionsgate Legal Department,
My mom says I have to sign EVERYBODY'S yearbook, even when they're TOTALLY LAME, like you are. I bet if my mom knew half the stuff you tried to pull on me this year, she wouldn't make me be "inclusive of others, even if they have unfortunate faces." Ugh. I mean, you threatened to SUE me! And then when I was all, "Bish, please," you were like, "I'll hire a private investigator to TRACK YOU DOWN and make you cry on Youtube!" Whatevs. Look, I totally hope you DON'T have a good summer and that, actually, you move schools and, like, have to change your whole identity, or something, because you suck. But, whatever. I hope your dumb movie works out okay. If that totally not-real script that we read and then didn't distribute to anyone on the internet is any indication of our future, you're going to need it.

Stay sweet!

BEA!!!! Holla!! I was so STOKED we hooked up in N-Y-C BABY! Remember all the awesome book peeps we met at the Javitz and the cocktail panels? And Erin reading from Modelland? LMAO!! OMG, drinking with Natalie Standiford, Bennett Madison and mother-effing A.S. King was totally the most awesome EVER. Crack pie at Momofuku! Looking HOT in our airbrushed t-shirts (unicorns 4EVS)! Hearing Meg Cabot and Libba Bray! I'll never forget the Port Authority bowling alley. I don't know how we'll top it next year, but you KNOW it's on like Tron, this time in Technicolor!


Sarah Dessen, girl, I have so much to say to you, and I know it won't all fit on this yearbook page, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I still can't believe that we just met this year, because I feel like I've known you for FOREVER. I mean, I'd heard about you, and how amazing you are, but it wasn't until you handed me that whoopie pie that I knew I was in the presence of greatness. OMG I'm sorry this is so cheesy but I can't help it! I love you! You're a superstar! And I'm sure life will take us on different paths, but in the words of Simple Minds, don't you forget about me.

<3 <3 <3

HEY, Slumber Party! I mean, we've only been talking about having you 4EVS!!! I can't believe this is the year we finally made our dreams come true!!!! Remember the rum punch? And the chocolatey/peanut buttery things? SO YUM. And, OMG, can you BELIEVE the Catalano/Krakow debate? Fun times! Stay sweet this summer, Slumber Party, and maybe next year, we can recreate the memories!!!! Youtube, anyone? LOL! Leila+Katie+Rebecca+Jocelyn+Lenore+Carla+Sarah+Erin+Jenny=4EVR&EVR!!!!


OMG, A.S. King and Brian Katcher!!!!! When I read you guys' stuff in our freshman year, I was totally, like, so moved, and thought, 'Why aren't these two winning awards, and famous, and rich?' And just one year later, Please Ignore Vera Dietz is the Michael L. Printz Honor Book for 2011, and Almost Perfect wins ALA's 2011 Stonewall Award for Young Adult/Children's Literature (for GLBT themed books)!!!!! I feel like, I totally called it, and also so proud of you guys! Like I had anything to do with it! LOL! Seriously, getting to see that happen was definitely one of the best parts of the year! Here's to getting the rich and famous part next year!


Dear FYA Pen Pal Club,
This year I put you together with the hope that all sad people who only get bills and catalogs in the mail could have something to look forward too. So I made a promise...pen pals for all! Except that it took me forever and I day. But I did it! So even though people may just be receiving there first letter, I'm going to be an unreasonable optimist and call it a success! At least, until someone goes and shows up at their pen pal's house, unannounced. But as long as no one does that, I say success!


And of course, we saved our biggest, most glitter-penned note for YOU, our readers and kickass fellow YAngelists. WE LOVE YOU GUYS LIKE FOREVER AND A DAY, and we want to say THANK YOU for making this year so completely fabulous. Without you, sophomore year would have seriously, seriously sucked ass. U R AMAZING.

Posh, Erin, Jenny, Meghan & Megan

Posh Deluxe's photo About the Author: Sarah lives in Austin, TX, where she programs films at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires).