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You Can Find Me In Da Club, Bottle Full Of Bub

It's finally here -- the inaugural schedule of the FYA Worldwide Book Club!

You Can Find Me In Da Club, Bottle Full Of Bub

The FYA BOOK CLUB, that is! Oh yeah. I'm hip!

It's finally here, you guys! After weeks of questions, tweets, promises, forms and emails, we are proud to say that this month, over 35 cities will participate in the FYA Worldwide Book Club! With even more cities ready to start up in September!

You can find the full schedule of August's FYA Book Club (where we'll be discussing Beauty Queens, by Libba Bray) at this link right here. There will also always be a static tab up at the top of FYA (where we have our About FYA, Book Report Grading and Lexicon tabs) that you can refer to, which will always have the latest month's schedule.

I hope you have found a town in your area from the list, but if you haven't, be sure to send an email to fyabookclub [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll email you just as soon as there are a few people like you in your town. Community! Let's do it!

Any questions? Drop them in the comments. Have fun you guys, and be on the lookout for a post in about two weeks, showing you all the crazy fun that the Book Clubs had!

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