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August FYA Book Clubs: The Ultimate Recap!

A recap of the August FYA Book Club meetings around the world!

August FYA Book Clubs: The Ultimate Recap!

Well, it is ultimate in that I declare it is. Ultimate Book Club Recap! It's like Ultimate Frisbee, but with less pot. Or possibly more pot; I don't know how these people roll.

Over the last week or so, YA lovers around the world (well, on three continents, anyway) have come together to hang out, drink and talk YA books, and even more are meeting in the next few days!

But if you didn't get to go to a Book Club of your own, maybe you can pretend you did after reading reports from book clubs around the world! And don't forget, always check here to see the latest Book Club schedule and sign up on the form if you don't have a book club near you!

The Charlotte, NC group met at Amelie's Bakery, which instantly made me jealous, because have you had their salted caramel brownies? They are like sex in brownie form. Or heaven. Sex in heaven with brownies,I don't know.

The Charlotte ladies sound like a particularly fun bunch - especially when they all discussed weird things that happened to them (a hostel owner ditching and leaving one book clubber in charge, a crazy stalker, a thief who only stole ice cream and something about Bill Murray and pot).

The Ft Lauderdale gang got along so well they went out for fro-yo after the Book Club! And while they were all ultimately ambivalent about the book, they agreed that Taylor Rene Krystal Hawkins deserved the shiniest BFF charm.

These ladies look like fun!

Boston had to try to show everyone up by meeting in a gorgeous place (the Boston Public Library's courtyard) and having these adorable Beauty Queens-inspired book marks! Look! Little lipsticks!

I want a bookmark!

The other Boston Book Club (yeah! There are two! That's how awesome Boston is!) not only managed to find something called Momo's on the menu (after Momo B ChaCha himself, of course), but they also spent a large amount of time discussing the merits of the greatest boy band of all time, New Kids on the Block. I like these girls.

Hangin' tough!

Look! It's ladies from London! And I even personally know one of those people (I forced people to attend lots of different book clubs)! They managed to spend hours chatting even though only two of them had read the book (our bad, guys! We're trying to pick books that have been released everywhere).

I wish I were in London right now!

The Melbourne crew (yeah, that's right! Australia! It's how we roll!) wanted to cast a younger Russell Brand as Sinjin, even though a younger Russell Brand is way too high to stand up, much less act. But they also had a strange cocktail moment:

Romy ordered a Baileys on ice, and apparently the bartender felt a bit fancy, because it came with sliced strawberries. We all must have looked very confused, because the waitress actually shrugged and said she didn't know what he was doing, either.

They totally perplexed the bartender with their wit! We're gonna rule the world!

Los Angeles is already trying to win at best Book Club ever by offering keen insight into the book and taunting me about garlic fries. But because they taunted me about garlic fries, I'm going to put them on my hit list. BE FOREWARNED, LOS ANGELENOS.

Garlic fries-eatin' ladies!

Look how cute the ladies of Minneapolis/St Paul, MN are! They've got different colored pens! And cute folders! I want to go to school with them!


Just to make you hungry, I'd like to post some photos from Vancouver's book club. Is this what food looks like in Vancouver? If so, someone send me there now!


OR THIS! (Bacon parmesan garlic popcorn! I mean, COME ON!)

I could go on! I could tell you that the Houston book club, for instance, learned that I'm a completely useless host. It's not even because I was jetlagged, either. I honestly can't function in public, peeps. We barely even talked about the book. Mostly I just stared at people owlishly and then freaked them out with my story about being an Angel of Death as a wee child.

I hope everyone who got to go to a book club this month had an amazing time! I can't say it better than Molly from Brooklyn, though:

So Wednesday night was so much fun! Like,I kinda can't believe how much fun. It was so amazing to be talking about YA books and authors and EVERYONE there knew who you were talking about, could talk about all kinds of YA books maybe you were wondering about, giving recommendations, expressing hate and love for all things YA fiction, and basically have so much to say about books and authors we were jumping over each other to talk! Pretty amazing this all happened from a blog we all read!

Pretty amazing, indeed!

We'll have the September schedule of cities, times and places posted next Friday and, don't forget, we'll be reading Lish McBride's Hold Me Closer, Necromancer. Can't wait to see you guys next month!

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