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A Tale of Two Pen Pals

Forever Young Adult Presents a Pen Pal Story by Lee and Alix.

A Tale of Two Pen Pals

One upon a time, FYA had an idea. Well, we've had lots of ideas. But this one in particular was to give our readers pen pals. A couple of months and 90 matches later, the pen pals were made! Some were left heart broken, waiting for a letter that would never come. But luckily many others have found mail...and friendship! When we sent out a call for a submission of successful"pen pal stories", we received an email from pen friends Lee and Alix. Alix is a classy lady who enjoys champagne, recreational blogging, 90s teen movies, and Oxford commas. She lives in Washington, DC. If Lee had 16 more syllables, she'd be a haiku. Instead, she spends her time in Houston, TX drinking gimlets, playing the ukulele, and fantasizing about Patrick Swayze. Together, they have a pen pal friendship they consider worth of its own YA novel. And reviewed the book of their friendship in a FYA-style book report. Their Smarty Pants submission below!

BOOK REPORT for Enveloped in Friendship by Lee & Alix

Cover Story: FYA Award for Best YA Cover Ever
BFF Charm: Hell Yes! With All The Excitement Of An Animated .GIF!
Swoonworthy Scale: 1
Talky Talk: Epistolary Awesomeness
Bonus Factors: Christmas in July, Hanson, Mix Tapes, Music Videos
Relationship Status: LYLAS

[Editor's Note: that is actually Alix and Lee on the cover]

Cover Story: FYA Award for Best YA Cover Ever

This is the best cover ever! Decapitated bodies? Check. Emo Twilight inspired? Check. Gratuitous formal wear? Inexplicable glowing? Questionable title? Check Check Check.

The Deal:

Megan No H is like, totally popular at FYA high. It's not that hard when you're super rich and live in a mansion in Beverly Hills (the columns date all the way back to 1972!). But being perfect all the time can get pretty dull, so she decides to use her popularity for a good cause and start a pen-pal club at school. In the process, she and her sassy BFF Lee decide to take charity case Alix under their wings. After an awesome makeover montage and the musical stylings of Supergrass, Megan's project is complete! But will Alix replace her as queen bee and Lee's best friend? Will Paul Rudd like Alix better than her? IS SHE A VIRGIN WHO CAN'T DRIVE?? (As if! Megan's way too cool for any of that!)

BFF Charm: Hell Yes! With All The Excitement Of An Animated .GIF!

Lee and Alix totes make the best pen pals ever. Not only do they use wicked cool Nancy Drew/Dinosaur/Unicorn/Zoo/Happy Days stationery to regale you with entertaining anecdotes from their lives, but Alix will probably hand-stencil you a glow-in-the dark, metallic t-shirt featuring your favorite 90s band, and Lee will perpetually surprise you with her unusual gifts, notes of wisdom, and even a telegram from Australia.

Swoonworthy Scale: 1

This is not a kissing book. This is a story about friendship and dinosaurs and Hanson concerts! But Lee does introduce Alix to her new boyfriend, Cartoon Vanilla Ice, so +1 for that:

Talky Talk: Epistolary Awesomeness

The prose and storytelling in Lee and Alix's letters are just out of this world, as evidenced by their ability to create a lasting friendship through only the written word. (That, or they're really lonely.)

Bonus Factor: Christmas in July

You know what's even better than coming home from work and finding a letter from your new pen pal? Coming home from work and finding PRESENTS from your new pen pal. There is so much gift-giving here! Everything from a head-shot of a moderately famous soccer player to a bootleg Korean drama DVD to a practice ACT test to this incredibly epic personalized book, in which Alix becomes a ballerina princess:

Bonus Factor: Hanson

For no discernible reason, Hanson keeps cropping up in this story. On t-shirts, in concerts, on a mix CD... Viva les 90s!

Bonus Factor: Mix Tapes

Who doesn't love mix tapes? No one! Which is exactly why Lee and Alix decided to exchange sweet mixes, complete with detailed liner notes.

Bonus Factor: Music Videos

When Lee accidentally mailed Alix a blank CD, she decided to apologize via original music video:

Casting Call:

Katharine Hepburn as Alix

Aaliyah as Lee

Her Majesty QEII as Megan No H

Relationship Status: LYLAS

This pen pal friendship came just in the nick of time. The summer days were getting long, the hours at the office were becoming tedious, and our stamps were close to becoming rendered useless.

Then! A lightning bolt from the heavens! A pen pal-ship struck!

And who wouldn't want to be best friends with this power pair?!? Separated by thousands of miles and armed only with knowledge of each other's addresses, these two strike up a fast and furious friendship, a la the stylings of Vin Diesel. Then they totally prove themselves as the girls you want to stay up all night with, playing Dream Phone and Girl Talk, arguing over Gale and Peeta, and watching Titanic on repeat. Like, we're all totally BFFs, y'all!

Alix West's photo About the Author: Alix is a writer and illustrator who spends way too much time reading Jane Austen retellings of varying quality.