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Exposed! Secrets Of Discovering The Best Worst Books

Meghan reveals the secrets of used bookstore shopping.

Exposed! Secrets Of Discovering The Best Worst Books

Good morning, class! I hope you all remembered to bring your signed field trip permission slips, because today we're going to step outside the lab and do some science in real life! I'm sure you guys wonder ALL THE TIME how we glamorous Ladies of FYA manage to find such amazing books, in between sipping cocktails, flipping our shiny hair and walking around being awesome. And while it's true that many books come to us, we do want to make sure we're bringing you the best of all possible YA literature, so that means a little work on our parts (as long as it doesn't mess up our manicures). It proooobably comes as no surprise that I have a constitutional inability to pass up a used bookstore, which is one of my all-time FAVORITE PLACES to find both amazing things like the entire run of The Princess Diaries (although, srsly, who'd sell that shizz for gas money?! Princess Mia is totally worth more than being able to get to work) AND some of the most amazingly awful things ever. This summer, I hit up a bookstore in my parents' town, and when I saw it had books I probably donated back in 1989, I knew I'd hit a treasure trove and HAD to document it for posterity and your erudition.

I think the bookstore owner wanted to kill me. But I cleaned up the mess!

Sit back and get ready to SCORE SOME WINS. Happy shopping!

So there you have it, folks! The highly scientific used book store shopping process -- title, tagline, cover, summary, and a random excerpt. And lucky for you guys, The Young and the Soapy came home with me (along with a zillion Baby-Sitter's Club books), so look for a review soon. To tide you over until I read and review it, here's an excerpt from the randomly chosen page 110:

"Oh, I'll have the seafood salad."

"I'll have the same."

He waits a second to see if we're going to order anything else. Mother waves him away. "That's all. Good-bye." She turns to me. "I'm going over to say hello." She starts to get up from the table.

"Mother, are you crazy? Anyway, she's busy. She's on a date."

"Yes, with Martin Sonnheim. Funny, she's so attractive now."

I grab her arm. "Please, maybe they want some privacy---"

"Oh, come on, Kathy. Why don't we show them your beautiful new dress."

RIVETING STUFF. And in other good news, I also scored this gem:

I think the cover deserves a 2 out of 5, but the tagline, "Camp Ma-Sha-Na -- 'Boating! Swimming! Tennis! Paradise on Earth' -- but the camp brochure said nothing about Black Magic!" scores a solid 4.

AND I got this one for Erin.

I know, you CAN'T WAIT for her to review it, and now she has to!

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