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My God, It’s Full Of Stars

Meghan goes stargazing with Every Soul A Star by Wendy Mass.

My God, It’s Full Of Stars

BOOK REPORT for Every Soul A Star by Wendy Mass

Cover Story: Covertastic
BFF Charm: Yay x 3
Swoonworthy Scale: 3
Talky Talk: Three-Way Call
Bonus Factors: Astronomy, Quirky Campground
Relationship Status: Summer Camp BFF

Cover Story: Covertastic

It's pretty! I like the navy blue color - I almost bought a pair of shoes this exact color at DSW today, but they didn't have my size, the jerks - and the silhouettes and the stars. It conveys the book's sweet childlike feel, too. Well done, Alison Impey, cover designer.

The Deal:

Ally's grown up at the Moon Shadow campground, which her parents bought when she was little because it was predicted to be the perfect place on the planet from which to view a total solar eclipse. They've spent years building up the place in preparation for the big eclipse, and it's Ally's whole life.

Bree is beautiful. Not just pretty, but total model material. She knows it, and she knows the only thing standing in her way is her nerdy scientist parents and ultranerd little sister.

Jack is a little lost. 13 isn't the easiest age for any boy, but a shy boy who's a bit pudgy and whose best friends are Ray Bradbury characters, not football players and pretty girls, is going to have a harder time than most.

When the three kids meet at the Moon Shadow, they know their lives are changing, but they can't begin to predict the ways.

BFF charm: Yay x3

Ally's delightfully geeky - her goal in life is to discover a comet, and she wears a chunk of meteorite in a pouch around her neck. I love how she finds joy and beauty in everything around her - it's like she has a permanent case of vacation brain. I hope she doesn't let the well-meaning Chers of the world make her over too much. Bree is a little bitchy and self absorbed, but like Cher, totally lovable. How can you not love a girl who says, "I like to have everything completely planned out. That way I always know what to wear." I love to make lists and plans, too! More so I know what to say so I don't make an ass of myself, but we'd so get along, once I start a better skincare regimen. And Jack is totally clueless and adorable - he's like a little brother and totally will grow up to be a geek hottie. I'd love to be the one to introduce him to Firefly in exchange for him teaching me lucid dreaming.

Honorable mention charms also go to Ryan, the hottie who visits the Moon Shadow every summer and to Kenny and Melanie, Ally and Bree's little sibs. Kenny was born at the Moon Shadow and thinks the whole outside world is like Days of our Lives.

Swoonworthy Scale: 3

There's nothing particularly swoony about a bunch of 13-year-olds (unless they're Will and Lyra and then, OMG SOB!). But Mass does a fantastic job of writing about the scary, heady days of first discovering boys or girls might not have cooties after all, where just holding hands sets off fireworks.

Talky Talk: Three-Way Call

Remember that one girl in middle school who had three-way calling, and she was always calling you up for gossip conferences? And you'd all talk at the same time and sometimes you'd get confused about who was saying what, but it was so fun to be able to hash out so-and-so's weird behavior in the caf in just one phone call? Mass writes from all three characters' points of view, in alternating chapters, and though it can be a little confusing switching between the girls, it's super fun to see the different sides of the story and how each person sees and is seen.

Bonus Factor: Astronomy

Until I was 10, I wanted to be part of the first manned space flight to Mars, but I haven't really thought about outer space outside of sci-fi in years. The descriptions of the eclipse and all the little astronomy tidbits tossed in made me want to buy a telescope and sign up for SETI, like this description of the moon:

The pockmarked face of the moon stares back at me, enormous and bright. It doesn't look anything like it does hanging above us in the sky. It's so beautiful and mysterious and powerful. This enormous rock controls so much of what happens on our planet. The tides, for one, and indirectly, the weather. I'm struck by the perfect way the universe fits together, like a big elaborate watch that keeps perfect time.

Bonus Factor: Quirky Campground

I have a weakness for roadside attractions and quirky campgrounds -- the kind where the same families vacation every summer, and you can search for alien signals or shear alpaca or make sand paintings as well as go canoeing and hiking, and there are s'mores and ghost stories up at the lodge every night. I wish the Moon Shadow really existed - I'd love to go to their stargazing parties! (and don't worry - there are cabins if you're not into tents or sleeping rough.)

Casting Call:

Hailee Steinfeld as Ally

Just Mia-Thermopolis-(movie version)-pre-princess-transformation her, and she'll be a great Ally.

Clark Duke as Jack

Confession: I really really really wanted to cast a 13-yo Brian Katcher as Jack.

Brian at 14. ADORABLE. Go read his books!

Relationship Status: Summer Camp BFF

This is the book whose family always goes camping at the same place every summer that we do, and I look forward to hanging out with it each July. We don't really keep in touch during the school year, but all summer we're joined at the hip and sob while exchanging friendship bracelets when it's time to go back to real life.

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