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Rub My Shoulders, Tony Danza: The September FYA Book Club Recap!

A recap of the September FYA Book Club meetings around the world!

Rub My Shoulders, Tony Danza: The September FYA Book Club Recap!

Holla FYA! The last few weeks have been good to me, but it seems like all the good things are winding down today. It's still crazy-hot outside, I broke the glass in one of my picture frames and cut my hands all to hell, and I have to go to work tomorrow for the first time in like ten days. SUX0R. But! You know what cheers me up? FYA Book Club! We did it again, you guys! All over the UNIVERSE*, fellow FYAers have met up to discuss the September book selection, Lish McBride's Hold Me Closer, Necromancer. Read on to see how things went down in different book clubs around the world!

*Hey, you don't know how residents of the Intergalactic Zorg Council roll.

The Twin Cities FYA book club all agreed that it was nice to read about an older YA protag (holla, Milk Carton!). . . but then their conversation quickly moved, as it often does, to Harry Potter. SOME of these lucky bishes actually can get into Pottermore, NOT THAT I AM JEALOUS OR ANYTHING. Then again, the Twin Cities folks are also thinking of drinking game so I'm not too jealous of their livers. Or their eyeballs.

Trying to get into the ministry of magic.

The New Orleans book club had to show off with delicious food, again. NEW ORLEANS! You are only six hours away from me! I WILL COME STEAL YOUR DESSERTS. Everyone in Nola loved the book but they DEFINITELY want to see Sam's mom and Hot Uncle Nick hook up in the sequel. Hear hear! Though, publishers? The folks in New Orleans and also I would like you to stop using Katrina as a selling point.

Margs and books. This makes me hungry and jealous!

They loved the desserts so much they're just meeting here next month.

Both Madison and Pittsburgh weren't the biggest fans of the book, feeling that it was just "okay." Both towns, however, felt that Brid was awesome and would like to learn more about her in the sequel. Indianapolis liked the book more than Madison and Pittsburgh, although they all unilaterally decided they would NOT be giving Sam their BFF charm. HOWEVER, if they have more than a few of these amazing BEER FLOATS, then they might just change their mind. Beer Floats! MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE. Oh wait, no it hasn't. BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ONE OFTHESE IN MY BELLY RIGHT NOW.

I mean seriously!


Some very happy ladies.

LA West met at the Culver hotel again and member Karen gets the FYA award for AWESOMENESS, because she made mix cds for everyone with all the songs referenced in the chapter titles. Man! Karen, we need to hire you! Except that the book club also learned that Karen's never read a book more than once. I just don't understand how that works. The LA West club loved the book and can't wait for the sequel . . . but they're also demanding a prequel to explain How Douglas Does Bad All By Himself. I second this request! We need to know this dude from when he was a tiny evil baby!

I need to befriend these ladies.

Boston totally had the greatest idea evs! They had a quiz! I LOVE QUIZZES! Their quiz was based on the chapter titles - the person who could name the artist and song for all the chapter titles won! Jess, who used to work for Tower Records, smoked the competition. But only cause I wasn't there, Jess! Don't get cocky! That shizz is my forte!

Newcomer Orange County book club (their motto I just made up is "cause that's how we read in the OC, bitch!") decided they liked the book the more they talked about it, and they can't wait for the sequel. But no one is convinced that Douglas is actually dead, Lish McBride! You haven't fooled us! We've watched Law and Order! No body? No murder!

Sadly Ryan Atwood wasn't available for this month's meetup.

Denver have all decided that if they're ever in need of a spirit guide, they're definitely choosing Ashley. We discussed this in Houston too but we just weren't sure any spirit guide was worth making waffles for EVERY DAY, even if they are as cool as Ashley. Denver also can't wait to read more about Ramon the were-bear.

This book may very well be the most important book the Eastern Iowa book club will ever discuss, and do you know why? Because when half of the book club pronounced Douglas's name in the style of The Cutting Edge (doogless!), they learned that one member of their group HAS NEVER SEEN THE CUTTING EDGE. WHAT? WHAT! I KNOW! I KNOW! Thank god they're going to rectify this horrible gap in club member Sarah's movie knowledge.

Vancouver held their book club in a bar decorated with crows and ravens, which proved very apt. PLUS the cocktails were, uh, "death-themed,"which is just awesome. The Vancouver peeps liked the book in general but really wanted to learn more about Douglas's motivations and exactly WHAT he was doing with all that blood. They (and I!) hope this is addressed in the sequel.

See! Thematic!

One of these people hated The Book Thief, so I'm giving them all the side eye.

Allison from the Brooklyn Book Club has successfully predicted the sex of 8 babies, you guys. EIGHT. So if any of you are preggers and don't want to get an ultrasound but also want to stop calling your baby "It," contact Allison! I bet she'll do it for a drink! The Brooklyn BC brought up a good point - Sam doesn't really lose anyone in this book. Even Brooke comes back (thank god, because she is Awesomesauce personified)! So they're looking to see if there'll be any real loss of heartache in the sequel.

I just wanted to stop andpoint out how goshdarn pretty the people in our Miami book club are. Is everyone in Miami this pretty? Insane!

So pretty!

The Dallas/Fort Worth Book Club got off on a tangent about Indian films, which isn't really that surprising, knowing at least one of them. They declined to mention in their recap that they SHAMELESSLY tried to bribe me over text message to choose To Kill a Mockingbird for next month's book club. They had a good reason though . .. the play version is being staged in DFW next month and GUESS WHO IS PLAYING ATTICUS FINCH, YOU GUYS. THE GUY WHO PLAYED GILBERT BLYTHE IN THE ANNE OF GREEN GABLES MOVIES. I KNOW AHHHH.

I know one of these people!

And, last but not least, Londoners! Who didn't actually send me a book recap, but did send me a photo. I know some of these people too! YOU GUYS. I've just decided my new life goal is to know at least one person in every book club! THEN I WILL TRULY RULE THE WORLD!

Two of the people in this photo have been responsible for getting me completely off my tits. FAIR WARNING.

That's it for this month, folks!! I hope those of you with an FYA book club in your area were able to make it and had a blast! And if you don't have one near you, make sure to send us an email! Next month we're discussing Markus Zusak's The Book Thief and the schedule for October's Book Clubs will be up next Monday.

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