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Trick or Treat, Smell My Literary Feet

Dressing up for Halloween? Try these literary costume ideas on for size!

Trick or Treat, Smell My Literary Feet

You guys! We have a major holiday coming up! It IS the most wonderful time of the year, but despite what the craft stores and the seasonal aisle at Walgreen's want you to believe, it's Halloween, not Christmas (actually, I haven't been to Michael's in a while -- they probably have Valentine's stuff out by now). In the grand tradition of holidays, it's a formerly sacred holiday that's now been preempted by empty calories, alcohol and slutty, slutty everything. And in case you haven't decided what to be for Halloween yet, we at FYA Labs done some research for you.

In the spirit of YAngelism, we've found some of the greatest YA costume ideas out there (and I use "greatest" in the loosest possible way). Halloween's a chance to let your inner fangirl out of the closet (literally, ha) without having to cosplay at a con (unless you want to).

PS Yes, we know we're not the first to do this. In fact, awesome reader Katiecoops sent in a great Smarty Pants on this very topic! We're possibly the ones with the shiniest hair (Katiecoops too, obvs), though. Or at least the shiniest champ cans.

PPS Dear Google image search, Super Mario is NOT a literary character.

Obviously not everyone shares our immaculate taste in literature or men, because there are a helluvalotta Google hits for Twilight costumes, even though all you need are long-sleeve tshirts, bad wigs and body glitter. But why go generic Edward when you can be Night Time Romeo?

[Source, and I dare you not to lulz at the scoffing, "Except the person in THAT pic looks like a girl, and those eyebrows are WAY too sculpted!" comment. Um, which pic? Cos that sounds like RPatz to me!]

Have better taste than that? Try on Katniss Everdeen for size.

Or do it up District 12-style like FYA readers Anna Marie and Lee did for the Mockingjay Release Talegate:

The classics are always a good place to go. There are plenty of movie adaptations on which to base your look, and you won't spend hours explaining yourself. OK, you won't have to explain yourself to anyone over 65 or with a BA in English Literature. The rest of the drunks on 6th St. will probably need at least the Cliff's Notes.

Regular Alice not good enough for you? Try sexy Alice (not actually recommended)*


*Am I the only one who has to try not to vom at this? Of all the children's characters to get tarted up, they have to pick the one written by an older man for a very young girl-child friend? An older man lots of people think was a paedo?

Or you could get all meta and be a slutty Hester Prynne. YOU GUYS WHAT.


(As a soothing poultice for your poor eyes, here's the world's MOST ADORBS Hester Prynne and baby Pearl)

Not into sexy? Somehow I can't imagine Anne Shirley was either, except with Gilbert because 1. how could you NOT be sexy with Gilbert Blythe and 2. she had a billion kids.

And an Anne Shirley:



If you're going for children's book inspiration, may I respectfully suggest you avoid looking like a giant yellow penis?


Don't have a kid, but want an excuse to trick or treat? Dress up your dog -- who doesn't love a dog in a costume? This one's a twofer -- Harry Potter OR mythology, your pick for how pretentious you want to seem (also, CUTEST BABY HARRY EVER).


Or embrace transpeciality with this Aslan dog.*


*How the heck do people get their dogs to wear costumes? Mine would eat the thing -- especially if it was a giant pile of cat fur.

Finally, this one's my favorite of the understated variety. I don't know how many people will get it, but I LOVE IT.


I know I just barely scratched the surface here, but this is where you guys come in! FYA readers are bound to have some seriously awesome literary costumes, and we want to witness your embarrassing past creativity! Email your photos to [email protected] -- they can be of you, your kid, your pet, your ex-roommate whom you're blackmailing, whatevs -- and we'll feature them in a post next week. Shhh ... don't tell, but there might be a chance to win a prize, too!

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