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The Official FYA January 2012 Calendar

Happy New Beer Year! It's the FYA January 2012 calendar, featuring a Twilight parody.

The Official FYA January 2012 Calendar

Happy New Year, you guys! It's 2012! LIKE WHOAH! So, I have a feeling this year is gonna be pretty great. I mean, the sequels to Divergent AND Delirium are both coming out! FYA fave Rebecca Serle's hotly anticipated debut novel is being released! We can finally watch The Hunger Games movie and see if it sucks or not! And, best of all, the last Twilight film is hitting the big screen in November, and the drinking game for that one will surely bring on the apocalypse.

In honor of this epic year, we at FYA decided to follow in the footsteps of the Calendar Girls and make our own calendar! But minus the nude part! Obviously! (What kind of website do you think this is, anyway?) At the beginning of each month, we'll publish a calendar for you to print out for your wall or use as your wallpaper desktop. And instead of posing nude, because no, we decided to recreate YA covers... with an FYA twist! Of course, we had to start with a YA icon. Twilight has spawned many, many imitators, but I think it's safe to say that we totally blew them out of the water with this WORK OF GENIUS:

The original, for comparison purposes.

[Click here for the PDF of the calendar]

[Click on the above image for the desktop wallpaper]

Damn, January is already looking SPECTACULAR, don't you think? And if you have any suggestions of covers you'd like us to tackle, let us know in the comments. HAPPY HAPPY HOUR, Y'ALL!

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