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Cooking SuccessfulLee: Hunger Games

"Chef" Lee makes Hunger Games-inspired croissants.

Cooking SuccessfulLee: Hunger Games

If you're a frequent visitor to the site, you're probably already familiar with Alix, pen pal extraordinaire, creator of most excellent Twilight t-shirts and frequent commenter. She's constantly adding awesomeness to the FYA community, so we decided to lock that shizz down and make her a bona fide contributor! Welcome to the rank of paid FYA writers, Alix! Now, when can you make all of us one of those croissant t-shirts?

Some time ago, Megan no h generously offered to match FYA readers up with pen pals. I was fortunate enough to be paired with the raddest girl in the caf, Lee, and we hit it off. Over six months later, I still get something in the mail from her almost weekly. So earlier this month when I had to go to New Jersey for a thing, I obvi stayed at Lee's parents' house nearby. I'm not really sure why this happened, but it was A Good Idea. Lee flew back from Houston for the occasion because homegirl is wicked intense. She picked me up from the train station Friday night, and we prepared for an epic weekend.

Even though we are in fairly constant communication via snail mail or the internets, we'd only met once before. Sadly, there are not clear social rules dictating how you should act when visiting your epistolary friend and her family, so things were kind of awkwardly formal, like that time in Anne of Green Gables when Diana first comes over for tea and gets drunk on "Raspberry Cordial."

But being a naturally awkward person, this didn't bother me too much. We just needed structured activities to facilitate social interaction! This was also around the time that Lee was commissioned to do a new FYA cooking segment, "Cooking TragicLee." After seeing what a brilliant chef she is, I suggested we make croissants.

If you have never made croissants, here are some things you should know:

1.  The process takes many, many hours

2.  Croissants are pretty difficult and require careful precision

3.  You will likely never want eat butter again after seeing the ingredients

Lee did not know any of these things, so blindly, she agreed to the task.

When baking croissants, it's important to remember to wear thematic t-shirts.

I was too lazy to look up my recipe, so we kind of winged it. There were several technical difficulties, both with the filming and with the cooking. Lee's mother was extremely unsupportive of the entire endeavor. Every once and a while, she would sail through the kitchen, horrified by the mess we were making of her countertop, and say something like "You know, you can go down the street to the bakery and buy croissants. They're very good," or "You're still not done yet?!" or "I think you should give up now and go drink mimosas on the porch."

But we persevered. Croissant-making involves a lot of waiting around, so we filled the hours in between drinking beer, playing board games, and cleaning butter off the counter. We discovered that Operation is an infuriatingly difficult game, even as adults (how are you supposed to get the ankle bone attached to the knee bone? HOW!?), and I decisively crushed Lee and her younger brother at Settlers of Catan (I felt really bad about this because they were all friendly and non-competitive about the game, and I've been conditioned to play ruthlessly by people who will temporarily break up with their significant other over a bad move).

Eventually, however, the wait was over and we finished baking. Success!

Tasty Business

Lucky for you, you get to watch the process unfold in mere minutes rather than hours:

To prove the worth of our 8-10 hours of baking, we organized a blind taste test of Our Product vs. The Bakery vs. Pillsbury in a Can. Drafting Lee's (SUPER AWESOME) parents and brother for the task produced hilarious results:

I think this pretty conclusively settles the Peeta vs. Gale debate once and for all. Gale will shoot a squirrel for you, but you will probably have to skin (and debone!) it yourself, then stew it with some dandelions. That shit will not taste good. Meanwhile, Peeta has croissants. Not only are croissants amazingly delicious, but they are a total bitch to make and require a ridiculous amount of time. That is love. Your move, Gale.


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Alix West's photo About the Author: Alix is a writer and illustrator who spends way too much time reading Jane Austen retellings of varying quality.