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The Official FYA February 2012 Calendar

FYA Presents: The Official February 2012 FYA Calendar

The Official FYA February 2012 Calendar

Happy February, you guys! The days are getting longer, the nights are getting shorter, and there's king cake in the grocery stores! Also, it's time to turn the page on your FYA calendar! Ha, I'll bet you thought we forgot, didn't you? But not this early in the year, luckily.

Last month, we brought you our Twilight parody, vastly improving that cover by gracing it with a delicious champ can, but this month we chose an FYA favorite to honor, rather than one to lampoon.

It's a time of year when everyone's thoughts turn to Valentine's Day, whether they like it or not. When, as the weather warms up (at least here in the south), love -- or at least candy -- is on our minds. And who else would we turn to at a time like this but Cameron Quick? Sure, he might not be there when we turn to him, but we can't help but hope a little. And then make a stiff drink to recover from the inevitable heartbreak. So presenting, in honor of Sweethearts, the February calendar downloads:

The original, for comparison purposes.

[Click here for the PDF of the calendar]

[Click on the above image for the desktop wallpaper]

Sniff! Make mine a double, please. And do let us know if you have suggestions for future cover covers! Cheers!!

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