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Say My Name, Say My Name

Forever Young Adult Presents: A Review of A Wind In The Door by Madeline L'Engle

Say My Name, Say My Name

BOOK REPORT for A Wind In The Door by Madeline L'Engle

Cover Story: Totally Trippin'
BFF Charm: Make It Rain/Adoption
Swoonworthy Scale: 3
Talky Talk: Fantastical
Bonus Factors: Science, Loyal Pet, Body Wars
Relationship Status: Childhood Sweethearts

Cover Story: Totally Trippin'

Dude, turn on the black light and let's get GROOVY. Seriously, is there anything better than sci-fi/fantasy covers from the '70s? No, THERE IS NOT. Like, if this cover was a t-shirt, I would wear the shizz out of it. Who cares about three wolves howling at the moon when you've got a mysterious hooded man behind an insanely eyeballed dragon creature, a planet being slowly annihilated, a scary fish-type animal and a sleeping boy with a fro. Don't do drugs, kids... just look at this cover and you'll feel high as a kite!

I also totally dig this one, because the illustration of Proginoskes is LIKE WHOAH.

The Deal:

In the sequel to A Wrinkle In Time (check out Jenny's review here), Charles Wallace is NOT being appreciated as the darling genius that he is. Bullies at school are kicking his ass every day, and underneath the black eyes and bruises, he's starting to feel sick. Really sick. The Murry family is worried, especially because the universe seems to be getting sick too. Desperate to help her brother, Meg and Calvin join forces with Blajeny, a cosmic Teacher, and Proginoskes, a cherubim who happens to look like a clustercuss of dragons. Together, they must fight the Echthroi, an army of beings who extinguish meaning and life like ravenous black holes.... and Charles Wallace might be their next victim.

BFF Charm: Make It Rain/Adoption

Megatron, you continue to be the strong, independent gal I've come to love. You're so smart and loyal that sometimes I forget you're only a teenager, but then you remind me by TOTALLY FREAKING OUT when you have to quit hating on a certain asshole authority figure. (I agree, he's a dick.) So yeah, you're still stubborn as hell, but I'm glad. Who wants to be besties with someone who's perfect? (I mean, besides Mandy Moore, obvs.)

Calvin! I wish there had been more of you in this book because YOU'RE JUST. SO. GREAT. You're honorable and sweet and brave and you know how to wrap up a girl in those muscly arms of yours.

I'd also like to award a charm to Proginoskes (Progo), who is kind of full of himself, and rightly so. He's got a billion eyes! He can disappear! He can travel back and forth through time! And, most importantly, he believes in a thing called love.

As for you, Charles Wallace, get into my family THIS INSTANT. I want to SMOTHER YOU with hugs, have a quick convo about the meaning of life then book you in a self-defense class.

Swoonworthy Scale: 3

Gah! I get that this is sort of a children's book but COME ON. L'Engle, quit holding out on us! Meg and Calvin obviously love each other deeply, and that's beautiful but WHEN WILL THERE BE PASSIONATE KISSING? They're teenagers for goodness sake! It's not like the Echthroi ate their hormones!

Talky Talk: Fantastical

You guys, Madeline L'Engle was, like, on another level. I would say drugs were involved but I know she was religious so I guess she just had a baller imagination. This book is its own universe, complete with unusual creatures, unique lingo and plenty of mind-effery, and it doesn't wait around for slowpokes to catch up. With that said, the story is founded on a universal truth we all understand: love is necessary for life. There are times when that idea is laid out a little too plainly, but by mixing it in with complex concepts (theory of relativity, anyone?), L'Engle keeps you speeding ahead on an incredible adventure.

Bonus Factor: Science

I feel like I earned a PhD just by reading this book. Mitochondria! Farandolae! Other stuff! My scientific analysis of trailers is gonna be so much more advanced now, you guys.

Bonus Factor: Loyal Pet

So, we already know that Fortinbras the dog is a Murry's best friend, but the real animal star of this book is a black snake named Louise the Larger. (In other news, I just found my favorite band name of all time.) Underneath her totes chill exterior, Louise is a fierce protector of the Murry kids, and even though I'm not the biggest fan of snakes, she made me want to cuddle her. Which is saying a lot because have you ever Google image searched "snake"? Yeah, DON'T DO IT.

Bonus Factor: Body Wars

At one point in the book, Meg and Co. actually land inside of Charles Wallace's body. AWESOME! Their experience isn't as scenic as the Epcot ride (RIP) but still, YES.

Casting Call:

I completely agree with Jenny's casting, so I guess I'll seize this opportunity to cast an adult! Cos that never happens! So yeah, I'm going with an FYA fave who can deftly switch from terrifying to awful to wonderful and back again.

Gary Oldman as Mr. Jenkins

Relationship Status: Childhood Sweethearts

When I met this book as a kid, I instantly knew we were kindred spirits. We played make-believe together like nobody's business, and we laughed and reveled in the impossible. This book embraced curiosity and made me want to learn until my brain was swollen with knowledge. As an adult, I don't quite connect with it in the same way, but I'll always cherish those halcyon days of dreams and discoveries.

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