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FYA March Madness 1A: Headless Body Division!

Forever Young Adult presents: March Madness

FYA March Madness 1A: Headless Body Division!

Greetings, ladies and Brian, and welcome to FYA's FIRST EVER edition of March Madness! I know! I'm super excited too!! Over the next four weeks, we'll cull down our list of SIXTY FOUR books published in (or just after) 2011 to one final winner! We finally have the power to judge books the way God intended. . . by pairing them up against weaker books in a succession of single elimination games until one book wins all the awards and those of us who filled out our bracket correctly get bragging rights at work for at least the entirety of April! Hooray!

Now, if you aren't a fan of college basketball and have no idea how March Madness works, worry not. If I managed to explain it the other four FYA writers in ten minutes whilst juggling a conference call and an irate person instant messaging me at work, then I can surely explain it to you. So click on to learn how FYA March Madness will work and to cast your votes in the first round!

Okay! First, a few basics. We've compiled a list of 64 books published in 2011 (except for an outlier or two which were published in the first part of 2012. Hey, these are our rules, after all.). From this list, we've subdivided the books into four different categories based on their cover: Headless Person, Big Face, Fancy Dress and Covertastic. Each book will be seeded (that is, ranked) from 1 to 16, based on just our personal feelings about the book. We'll post a poll for each division this week (starting with today's, the Headless Body Division), matching up a high-seeded book with a low-seeded book,and you all will vote on each matchup for the book that you like the best.

But! Wait! Even though we've divided them by cover doesn't mean you should judge a book on one! We want to know what you think about the book itself! And, if you haven't read either book in the matchup, no fear: just click on the links to read our book report about the book and judge based on which one sounds like a better read! We're all about SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY here, obviously.

After the votes are tallied for each division, the winner of each match up will go on to play the winner from another match up, and so on and so on until each division has one clear winner! Then the winner of each division will face off with the winner from another division until we have two finalists, who will then face off against each other! Make sense? No? Well, watch ESPN this month; you'll get the hang of it.

So let's get it started! Today's Division is Headless Person, and we have QUITE the list of contenders for you! Below is this division's bracket, so that you can see the potential matches which might eventually happen. And under that are the actual matches! Vote for your favorite and let's get this party started!

March Madness: Headless Body Division - Round 1

Okay! Time to vote!

Please cast your votes by SATURDAY, 10 MARCH 2012! After that all polls will be closed so that we can tally the results and start the next round of voting. And please check back all this week: tomorrow we will feature our Big Head division, and then our Fancy Dress division and, finally, the Covertastic division. It's March Madness, baby! (Hook 'em.)

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