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FYA March Madness 1B: Big Face Division!

Forever Young Adult presents: March Madness

FYA March Madness 1B: Big Face Division!

Hey, y'all!! Welcome to our ongoing first round of FYA March Madness! Today we're matching up the sixteen books in our Big Face division! Who will reign supreme? Well, that's up to you!

After the jump, you'll see all the match ups for this Division. Remember, you've voting on your favorite BOOK in each match up, even though said books have been categorized by their covers. If you haven't read either book, just click on the links and read our book reports! Let our conscience be your guide!

The bracket:

Let's get to exercising our voting powers! Two books walk into a match up! Only one will win!

Remember to cast your votes by Saturday, March 10, 2012! At that point, voting will be shut down and we'll determine our next round of matches!

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