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FYA March Madness 1d: Covertastic Division!

Forever Young Adult Presents: The Covertastic Division of YA March Madness

FYA March Madness 1d: Covertastic Division!

Happy Friday, you guys! I don't know about y'all, but I will be glad to kiss this week goodbye. It has been stressful! But nothing was more stressful than this, the final bracket for the first round of FYA March Madness. Why? Because trying to seed 16 legitimately awesome books is REALLY HARD YOU GUYS. I mean, I really loved all of these, as did the other FYA girls! It turns out that you SHOULD judge a book by its cover. As in, if the cover looks good, it's a sure bet that the book will be awesome.

After all, it stands to reason that books which defy publisher's awful stock model cover art or attempts to be emo-friendly would shine, and these books sure did. They were so awesome, in fact, that I didn't even try to rank them. I literally cut/pasted the list over and over until the list was fairly shuffled and then just numbered them 1 to 16. SCIENCE!

So this time, the matchups are tight and competition is fierce! We need your votes to decide who advances to the next round! Remember to cast your votes by Saturday, 10 March 2012! The next round starts on Monday!

Here's the full, complete bracket for your viewing/printing/betting pleasure!

The FYA March Madness Bracket

And now, let's vote!

And that's IT for the first round of votes!! We'll be compiling the results this weekend and updating the bracket with the winners of each match up. Next week, we'll be down to 32 books, and then we'll hit our Sweet Sixteen and then our Elite Eight, Final Four, etc. Check back next Monday for the next round!

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