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FYA March Madness: Headless Body Division Semifinals!

Forever Young Adult Presents: March Madness Headless Body Semifinals

FYA March Madness: Headless Body Division Semifinals!

Greetings, FYAers!! How is your first Monday after Spring Break (or, alternately, your first Monday of Spring Break) treating you? I'm going to take a wild leap and guess that those of you who did have real NCAA March Madness brackets are experiencing a little bit of rage this week. Eh, well, upsets are always fun! As long as it isn't your team losing!

Let's see what upsets are store for us this week in FYA March Madness! We've finally hit our Sweet Sixteen!

We're down to just four books in each division this week, and the competition is fierce and fabulous. Which two books will advance to the Headless Body Division Finale?

Check out our FYA March Madness Bracket here!!

Vote! Vote now! Please cast your votes by this Saturday, March 24! See you tomorrow for the Semifinals of the Big Face Division!

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