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The Hunger Games Fashion Parade

A recap of Hunger Games Premiere festivities!

The Hunger Games Fashion Parade

It's an exciting time for YAngelists. The Hunger Games is making box office records, and more and more people around the world are discovering that young adult literature isn't just for kids. Our fight for YA is far from over, but at The Hunger Games midnight release last Thursday, it was time to celebrate. And if there's one thing YAngelists know how to do (besides read, obvs), it's party.

We asked y'all to send in your photos from the midnight screenings, and DANG, you guys did NOT disappoint. Some of you rocked your sweet FYA t-shirts, while others underwent a Capitol-style makeover and transformed yourselves into characters from the books. Let's just say that Cinna would be highly impressed with the skills on display in these photos! We'll also be uploading them into a Facebook album, so make sure you check it out and tag yo'selves!

So, without further ado, THE HUNGER GAMES FASHION PARADE!


From Aubrey M.

We've got an Effie, a cross-dressing Seneca, and the hottest Girl on FIRE!

From Capillya in Little Rock, AR:

I've just got two pics from our showing. Me and my friend Ruth, and a cool chalk drawing that was done outside our theater (Rave) in Little Rock!

We're dressed as our own renditions of Katniss (and I've got slightly poofy Effie hair) and we're both wearing our Mockingjay pins. And ghostly (red) eyes to boot!=)

From Ivy R. in Boston:

From Sue W., a member of the FYA DC Book Club:

Here are the epic photos from our epic Hunger Games party. Our party was organized and presided over by our magnificent Capitol representative, Strother Gaines. We had an honest-to-god reaping...

... and then 12 tributes proved their endurance (that's Maura in the photo, dressed as a District 8 textile worker), agility, camouflage skills, and talent before the judges.

And the Games! The Cornucopia was filled with alcohol! It was dark, so most of the pics of the Games are blurry, but you can see Gale in the background when Katniss (me) goes down.

Then you can see Peeta kicking ass as the alliance disintegrates and all hell breaks loose.

The Quarter Quell is going to be amazing.

From Ariel B.

I am attaching two photos of me as Foxface. I got into the berries in the second photo. Whoops. Damn Peeta.

From Daphne in Austin, TX

Sadly the paper towel roll serving as the sheath for my bow & arrows fell apart, so I won't bore you of pictures of myself sporting a braid. This is Emily. SHE VOLUNTEERS!

From Lizzel B in Chattanooga, TN

There were 10 of us that got all dolled up for the premiere, and most of us went Capitol, because let's face it, crazier makeup is fun! I dressed as Venia, one of Katniss' prep team members (I'm in the long blue wig and apron). My husband dressed as Cinna (he looks dapper in the button-down shirt and vest, rocking gold eyeliner). My friend Julie dressed as Effie (pink wig, yeah!). Another friend Rachel dressed as Octavia, a fellow District 12 prep team member, (she's the red-head with the green-tinted skin). Amanda dressed as Buttercup, Ashlee as Katniss in the arena, and Eddie as Peeta with the baker's apron (and he brought us CROISSANTS). The others came as crazy Capitol folk.

Afterwards, we crashed IHOP for dinner before the big event and got a few strange looks...

The movie theater was PACKED when we got there, but can you believe NOBODY ELSE DRESSED UP?!!!! Hundreds and hundreds of people, and we were the only true fans there. But we had a blast anyway!

From Courtney Nicole, who was at the same party!

My friends Liz and Lynnwere gracious enough to host a whole group of us at their house (signage on the door announced that viewing of The Hunger Games was, of course, mandatory). People were running all over, giggles were sounding, and eye make-up was generously painted on until we became the glamorous group you see in the photo (above).

When we all got to the theatre I met up with two more friends in creative costumes: My friend Rachel as Katniss on Fire (she put that costume together herself!) and her husband Kim as Cinna.

From Mandy W.

A little bit of a ice cream cake wreck ("Peeta foreve" -- no, Peeta for ME! Or the intended "forever" works too), but a great way to hold post-movie discussion and dissection.And I'm definitely wearing Hunger Games nail polish too.

Only thing missing was my FYA shirt, which unfortunately didn't find its way to America's Hat in time. (But at least I'll be prepared for Catching Fire! Along with a Finnick-themed cake.)

From Lianne O.

Seneca Crane and his Capitol date!

From Posh in Austin, TX

Henri and I hosted the midnight screening at the Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Creek (appropriate, no?), and before the movie, we asked for tribute volunteers for our Hunger Games with Nerf crossbows. Members of all eight theaters fought valiantly, but my favorite round of the Games occurred when Katniss and Prim had to fight each other!

Even though Katniss had the help of Effie, Prim totally kicked her ass.

I was honored to see the film alongside Anna Marie and Lee, who drove in from Houston, and Alix, who flew in from DC! Unsurprisingly, they all rocked amazing costumes:

Lee as Dead Rue, Anna Marie as a Capitol citizen:

Alix as Dead Glimmer!

From (FYA) Erin in Houston, TX

Erin and Meredith hosted a midnight screening at the West Oaks Alamo Drafthouse, complete with a Hunger Games, sponsors and FYA t-shirt giveaways!

Here's Meredith with her hubs:

And here's an Effie that showed up at the screening, looking fabulous!

From Ellie K.

Everything was a bit last minute for me for the midnight premier, but I managed to throw this shirt together in an hour right before I had to leave for the movie! I had to sit it under my hair dryer while I put my hair in a Katniss braid and voila, I was ready! Sorry the picture is crap, but it's rainy and awful here today and I don't have any light! Also, I was so proud of my painting (with puff paint!) skills that even though the circle fits perfectly around my left boob, I still am repping the shirt today. This is why I'm not wearing it in the photo, don't want a bulls eye on my boob circling the interwebs.

From Jen and the FYA Ft. Lauderdale Book Club:

We met Saturday to see The Hunger Games and a bunch of us wore our "Peeta Has Croissants" shirts (and a couple girls got pink drinks that they promptly called "Effie Trinkets;" Plus yes, there's a Katniss in that pic ).

We were also lucky enough to be in a theater that had Champ Cans!

From Amy H. and the FYA Orange County Book Club:

We didn't attend a midnight showing but we did head out the very next evening. We aren't super crafty but a few of us made shirts. We all picked the quote from Haymitch: "Here's some advice. Stay Alive." And I hope you can see the logo on Sarah's sleeve.

Our thoughts? We loved it!! We really liked all the behind the scenes stuff that they added and thought that Jennifer Lawrence was amazing. We didn't appreciate the shaky camera but think they did a great job overall adapting the book to a movie.

Post movie-viewing we headed to Knowlwood---an OC classic with amazing food. I mean just check out these Irish Nachos.

But enough about the food. Can we get excited about the fact that our book club had a boy at it? AND that we have more than tripled our numbers?? Get it OC!!

Now I KNOW you're wondering why we are holding onto some sweet composition books? That would be because Mandy & Jessie made all of us some awesome Sloppy Firsts themed favors for our meeting.

It was SUCH a good night. I'm so glad you ladies had this idea for book clubs. It's been the best thing ever!


Thank ALL of you for being such dedicated YAngelists and sharing your photos and stories with us! Now I really can't wait til the release of Catching Fire! (I expect to see a lot of pictures of hot shirtless dudes with tridents, ok?)

Posh Deluxe's photo About the Author: Sarah lives in Austin, TX, where she programs films at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires).