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The Official FYA April 2012 Calendar

Forever Young Adult Presents: The Official FYA April 2012 Calendar and Desktop Wallpaper

The Official FYA April 2012 Calendar

Happy April, FYAers! It's that time again -- time to present you with another highly inappropriate-for-work page from our Official FYA Calendar. The lucky book to get an FYA remake this month is Sara Wilson Etienne's Harbinger, a classic case of good book, baaaaad cover -- and maybe a little too much André.

We give you two options, a printable, note-takeable PDF calendar (bonus: it's small enough not to attract too much attention), and a deluxe desktop wallpaper version.

The original, for comparison purposes

[Click here for the printable PDF calendar page]

No, I didn't just rip off DeviantArt for this emo-flavored wallpaper, but maybe you can pass it off with your boss as an April Fool's joke for a few days.

[Click on the above image for the desktop wallpaper -- it's 1440x960, so if it's too big just go into your desktop settings and tell it to fit your screen!]

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