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FYA March Madness: We Have A Champion!

FYA's 2012 March Madness winds down and a champion is crowned!

FYA March Madness: We Have A Champion!

Well, FYA.  They've fought.  They've struggled.  They've sweated and bled and triumphed and failed.  Our sixty four books have dwindled down to only two, and from there, you decided a winner.

So who's it going to be?  Divergent or Daughter of Smoke & Bone?  Dystopia or Fallen Angels and Tooth Fairies?  Team Dauntless or Team Prague?  Let's see . . .

With 344 votes, and to no one's particular surprise (except for maybe the 219 people who voted for the other book) our winner is . . . Divergent!!

Congrats to Divergent and thank all of you who voted these past six weeks!  Next year maybe book cover trends will be different and we'll have whole new divisions to match up!  We shall see!


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