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Swimfantage: Ben & Felicity

A highly scientific analysis of a fan-made YouTube tribute to the swoonworthy romance of Felicity and Ben.

Swimfantage: Ben & Felicity

We’ve all done it. Maybe it’s late at night, and your usual internet sites just aren’t cutting it. Perhaps you just finished a book, and the swoon wasn’t as satisfying as you wanted it to be. Or maybe you’ve had a few cocktails, and you’re feeling nostalgic for a certain epic romance. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to be ashamed, because I’m pretty sure that every single reader of this site has done it at least once, if not multiple times.

That’s right, I’m talking about the “M” word… MONTAGES! Specifically, fan-made YouTube compilations of cult movies and television shows. Whether you’re an X-Phile or a wannabe Gilmore Girl, there’s at least a thousand videos online that capture your favorite lingering glance, passionate kiss and everything in between. And here at FYA HQ, we decided it’s high time to give these videos the analysis and applause they deserve. (And, um, also because we wanted an excuse to watch them, obvs.) Welcome to our newest series, Swimfantage!

For the inaugural post, I decided to go with one of my all time favorites. You can tell it’s one of my faves because it’s marked as a “favorite” on YouTube, along with numerous laughing babies, different animals being friends and the time I tried to stuff six saltine crackers into my mouth.

It is, of course, about Felicity, a show I’ve researched extensively. Seriously, if I could earn a PhD in Ben Covington, you’d be calling me Dr. Posh right now. If you’re Team Noel, you might not enjoy this one, but for the rest of y’all, I hope you stretched out your swoon muscles.

Quality: Medium
In this category, we rate the technical quality of the montage. Is the editing smooth or choppy? Is it 240p or HD? Did the creator think it was “fancy” to use a whirlpool transition effect?

Overall, the editing on this video is simple and clean, which is always preferred in a swimfantage. Sure, the sound levels, especially when fading in and out for a spoken line, are a little rough, but it still flows nicely. I did, however, have to deduct a few points for not being able to enjoy Scott Speedman’s gorgeousness in high definition.

Expertise Level: Expert
Did the creator of the video capture all of the right moments? In other words, is he/she a true fan?

Color me impressed! First and most importantly, the filmmaker knew it was vital to stick with seasons one and two, before all of the Avery and time travel shizz. That’s pretty much the golden rule of Felicity montages. But seriously, this person nailed all of the greatest Ben and Felicity romantic hits! The glimmers of attraction from Ben, their first surprise kiss, Felicity’s awesome eff you speech before getting her hair cut, Ben’s realization of his total and complete idiocy, and, finally, the film canister. OH FILM CANISTER! YOU SLAY ME EVERY TIME.

Song Selection: Pitch-perfect
The backbone of any good montage is music. Is the song appropriate for the footage? Does it amplify the emotion of the scenes? Do the lyrics relate to the characters?

In my book, you can never go wrong with some old school Coldplay in your swimfantage. It’s compelling and earnest and may or may not make tears instantly appear in my eyeballs. And “Warning Signs” is an especially good choice, both for editing purposes (the beautiful crash of music after a tentative beginning matched with Ben maybe kinda sorta falling for Felicity) and for lyrical correlation. “A warning sign, It came back to haunt me, and I realized that you were an island, and I passed you by, and you were an island, to discover.” OMG THAT IS LIKE SO TALKING ABOUT HOW BEN FEELS ABOUT FELICITY YOU GUYS. And yes, I just quoted Coldplay in a totally non-ironic way, but obviously if I had any sense of shame, I wouldn’t have started a series about fan-made Youtube montages in the first place.

Swimfan Satisfaction (scale of 1-10): 10
Overall, did this video successfully sum up your feelings about this show and/or your favorite characters?

YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! If I could, I would re-watch season two of Felicity every month for the rest of my life. But unfortunately, I want to keep my job, boyfriend, friends and belief that I am not a desperate loser who goes into Dean & Deluca just to check and see if Javier is working. (Just kidding, I totally do that.) So whenever I don’t have time to pop in a DVD, I just head to YouTube and spend a glorious five minutes and 56 seconds reliving one of the greatest romances of all time. So thank you, sugarr16. Thank you for understanding the world’s need for a Ben & Felicity swimfantage, and thank you for filling that deep, deep void in my soul.

So, fellow swimfans, do you agree with my analysis? Is there something that could have made this montage better?

And if you have any swimfantages you’d like to nominate for judgment, email us!

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